FAQ’s [answers to your questions]

12 Common Questions About Becoming a Young Living Member

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1. Do I ‘have’ to buy products every month?

No. Buying products every month is completely optional. However, if you choose to be a distributor and get a commission check, you will need to be on the Essential Rewards program and have a minimum monthly order of 100PV.

2. As a Wholesale Customer, do I have to buy products every month whether I want them or not?

No. We never want you to buy products you do not need or want. You order what you want, when you want as a wholesale customer. Or, you can take advantage of this option and be a wholesale customer on the Essential Rewards program, the minimum monthly purchase would be 50PV (approx. $50 plus tax/shipping) – this is completely optional though please refer to extra tip #13 below to learn about the advantages of Essential Rewards.

3. If I become a wholesale customer I will have to sell or push my friends and family to buy products?

No. You can be a wholesale customer the rest of your life if you like, you never have to sell a thing ever. You also will not be pushed to sell anything, ever.

The ONLY thing required to maintain your wholesale pricing is that you MUST have at least one 50 PV (about $50) order a year to maintain your wholesale pricing.

4. Do I have to buy ‘packs’ every month?

No. Young Living does not require you to buy packs every month. We do have some very nice packs available that contain useful products that most people use daily, but no one is ever required to buy them. Packs are 100% optional and only available to those on the “Essential Rewards” program (see #13 below for details).

5. Do I have to buy the same products every month?

No. Young Living has a very extensive product line, well over 400 products to choose from. You are encouraged to buy what you want and need – always! See the online catalog.

Even if you want to get the best pricing through Essential Rewards, change your order every month as this will help you experience our products on a deeper level and more complete way.

6. Are there extra or hidden costs I need to pay?

No. No matter which membership type you choose the price is the price, and that’s that. You do have to pay tax and shipping costs though but this is not a hidden cost. There are never any additional charges for anything ever.

Canadians, please see #11 below to get the best shipping prices.

7. Will I have to pay a yearly membership fee?

No. There is no yearly membership fee for any of the customer types.

However, as a wholesale customer or distributor there is a one-time purchase of a Start Living kit and you must buy a total of 50PV ($50 worth) of product a year to maintain your wholesale pricing. Please see How Much Does it Cost to Buy.

8. If I want to have a Young Living home business will I have to do cold calls and become a sales person?

No. Our team at Young Living Circle does not do telemarketing, nor do we push or pressure others to buy anything, ever. We work from the principles of “Heart-Centered Sharing”  – which does NOT include high-pressure sales pitches and pushing people to buy products.

9. I’m considering becoming a distributor and sharing Young Living with others, what would my start-up investment be? And, do I need to carry an inventory?

Costs depend upon your desired level of interaction with others and what you plan on doing to share and grow your business. The short answer is you could figure that the costs to get yourself set-up with the basics for sharing would cost about $500, see the breakdown below to get an idea. This is a short basic list of what you will want and need to get started…

Starter Kit

Must have – $150 Premium Starter kit of your choice, these kits give you more product to experience and share with others than the smaller ones. The only time we recommend the $40 or $75 kits are when you want a lot of other products that are not included in any of the premium kits. Note that the $40 kit is included in the premium kits.


  1. Must have – $70 Essential Oils Desk Reference
  2. Must have – $10 Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails: A definitive guide to essential oils that could save your life during a crisis by Dr. Scott A. Johnson
  3. Optional – $12 Gentle Babies: essential oils and natural remedies for pregnancy, childbirth, infants and young children by Debra Raybern – if you are planning on sharing with mom’s and dad’s you will want this book, it’s the best in its category.
  4. Must have – $7 The Four Year Career: Young Living Edition by Richard Bliss Brooke

Internet Presence

  1. Optional – $50 a year to have an online presence at the Young Living Circle blog and website. This is only available to those members who sign-up with one of the distributors on the Young Living Circle Team, select one of us here.
  2. Optional but highly recommended – $20 a month if you would like to have a website as a means to do automated email marketing, Marketing Scents.
  3. Product ordering website – $10 a month this is obtained through Young Living and can be added ‘after’ you sign-up to become a distributor. It can be found in the left column of your Virtual Office. Here is an example of what it looks like.

Essential Oils Carrying Cases

  1. Must have – $38 Essential Oils Carrying Case (item #3847, sold through YL) holds 30 / 15ml bottles of essential oil (order item #3847 when you sign up).
  2. Or… for those who are more serious and want to get going on a much larger scale, purchase the Aroma Complete (item #3100, sold through YL) this is a large case filled with 120 / 5ml bottles of essential oils for under $2,000 wholesale.

Office Supplies

Must have – $100 Miscellaneous – business cards, index cards, notebook, Day Planner / calendar, paper & pens, brochures, stickers and order forms.

Extra Information

As a distributor, you are never required to carry an inventory or set up a shop. Some distributors might carry some items in limited quantities if they are doing health expo’s.

Young Living has it set up so all orders are placed through the company; the orders are processed at the nearest warehouse and shipped directly (drop-shipped) via FedEx to your customers and distributors. Additionally, you do NOT have to have a store or a display in a shop.

10. I want to buy Young Living products without becoming a member of anything.

You should know that becoming a Young Living member will not make demands on you personally or financially, it’s quite the contrary.

Actually what’s going on is this, because Young Living essential oils are used differently than your average aromatherapy oils the company wants to make sure that each customer has access to someone who can help them learn how to use the oils properly, this is why you never see Young Living oils sold in stores; store staff are not trained to help customers in that way.

Also, Young Living is set up to eliminate the middleman. Yes, it is a Network Marketing company (not a pyramid, those are illegal) which allows people like you and me to have a home business and an income should one decide to become a distributor. This means that the cut, or percentage that normally goes to the middleman is given to the distributors for their work and efforts. It’s just a different way of splitting up the money so that it goes to distributors instead of middlemen.

11. I live in Canada, will I have to pay additional fee’s and customs costs?

No. If you’re Canadian and your order is being shipped to Canada, simply select the shipping method called “IGD” - the total on your purchase invoice will be the price you pay, no additional expenses! Your order will usually arrive within 10 business days or less, unless you choose express shipping.

12. I can get the same essential oils at my local health food store for less, why would I want to buy Young Living oils?

The reason why 99 percent of other brands of essential oils are cheaper than Young Living’s is only because they are of much lesser quality – even if the label says “pure” and “organic.” Unfortunately, the terms, pure and even organic, are terribly abused and never represent a higher quality of the essential oil in the bottle.

If you’re going to use essential oils in the ways we discuss you most certainly do NOT ever want to use a lesser quality essential oil. You have no idea how bad the quality is in this industry. People who buy cheaper essential oils are in reality spending 2 to 4 times as much on the cheaper junk oils in the long run because the essential oils are adulterated or contain cheap carrier oils that turn rancid within 6-8 months.

Caution: We never recommend using another brand of essential oil in the same ways we use Young Living oils.

As either a wholesale customer or distributor on Essential Rewards (after one year) you will get superior quality essential oils (and products too) for free!

How can that be??? In the 20% bracket on the Essential Rewards program (see below for details) you will earn rewards points, 20% each month – these rewards points are redeemed for free product.

If you’re currently using, or thinking of using, a cheaper essential oil; rest assured, you ARE spending a small fortune on junk and therapeutic results should not be expected. Think of a high quality essential oil as a fine wine; it won’t go bad, you’ll never have to throw it away, and like fine wines some essential oils even get better with age.

13. What is Essential Rewards, and how does it benefit me?

Essential Rewards is a free program Young Living created that gives you rewards points that you can redeem for FREE product when your monthly order is 100PV or higher.

How you earn Essential Reward points…

To earn points your monthly order must be 100PV or higher (slightly over $100).

Months on Essential Rewards, points earned over time:

  • Months 1–6 you get 10% in points
  • Months 7–12 you get 15% in points
  • Months 13+ you get 20% in points

The minimum monthly order on Essential Rewards is 50 PV, about $50 wholesale, plus tax/shipping –BUT– any order under 100PV you will NOT earn Rewards Points.

While you’re in the 10% bracket, it may not feel like you’re gaining a lot… but wait until you’re in the 15% and 20% bracket…

Wow, you can feel the savings! This is how you will be paying about the same price for superior essential oils as you would for cheap essential oils in the store.

When you’re initially making the switch over to Young Living (from toxic products you’re currently using and yes, the essential oils can and do replace many products we use daily) it can feel a little expensive at first. Our advice is… try to see past that and just know that after you get switched over and have your nontoxic household in place, particularly if you’re on Essential Rewards, you will most certainly feel the savings every single month. You will also spend less time shopping, driving, and impulse buying because the Young Living oils and products can be used in dozens of ways.

Tips for Essential Rewards: Order your favorite products that you’re running low on and try a new oil each month… it’s an exciting and a terrific way to experience something new in your life regularly while obtaining Essential Reward Points that you later redeem for free product (when your order is over 100PV a month).

A good example is Peppermint essential oil, it can be used in at least 26 different ways. Whereas commonly bought products have 1 to 3 purposes. Learn more on ways to Make the Switch.

Overall, if you’re looking to make the switch to go truly natural, save your health and a lot of money – you can do it with Young Living and we can show you how.

Contact us of you have questions or need assistance ordering…

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4 thoughts on “FAQ’s [answers to your questions]

  1. Jo Maldonado
    November 8, 2013 at 7:58 am

    I bought a diffuser last year and received another one as a gift. One is not working at all, the other one is hardly working, can I get replacements?

    1. November 22, 2013 at 7:24 am

      Hi Jo,
      If the diffuser’s were purchased directly through Young Living the answer is yes. The TheraPro Diffuser has a one year warrantee, I’m not sure what the warrantee is on the others. You will have to contact YL directly to make an exchange, they will give you instructions on doing this, 1-800-371-3515. ~ Evelyn

  2. Joshua
    March 13, 2014 at 2:58 am

    Young’s living indeed does have some amazing products. My favorite, is the thieves line. My teeth and gums look absolutely peachy keen from the outside but when a dental hygienist starts poking around in my mouth with sharp metallic objects they describe a scene closely resembling the horrors of a battlefield. I am of the opinion, which I won’t go into much detail, that it was in fact dental professionals (orthodontist mainly) that caused a great deal of the issues on that battlefield.

    Young Living’s Thieves Oil Dental products are a god send.

    I enjoyed this article very much. However, I am not a member of Young’s. For example, they say to be a distributor you have to buy 100pv a month which I can assume equals 100.00 a month being 50pv is 50 dollars a month to get a commission check.

    This article says there is not a membership fee. Okay, perhaps there is not a fee labeled “membership fee” however one could call the required monthly order to earn a commission check a membership fee which would equal 1200.00 a year.

    1. March 13, 2014 at 12:00 pm

      Thanks for sharing your testimonial Joshua on how the Thieves dental products have helped you maintain great dental health under the circumstances.

      For further clarification, no one who becomes a wholesale member (under the distributor membership) has to participate in the Essential Rewards. It is ONLY distributors who wish to have a home-based business and receive a commission check who need to be on 100PV Essential Rewards order.

      In other words, let’s say you wish to be a wholesale member and let’s say you only want to purchase Young Living products at wholesale for yourself and never share or have a home-based business… the ONLY two things you must do are: 1) purchase one of the Starter Kits (which is a one time expense), and… 2) have at least ONE 50PV order a year (about $50 plus tax/shipping). You do NOT have to be on the 100PV Essential Rewards, ever as a wholesale customer. One small (50PV) order a year is all that is required to keep your wholesale membership active.

      Essential Rewards is only for these two purposes: 1) the wholesale customer who wishes to save even more (they earn reward points to redeem towards free product), and… 2) those who wish to have a home-based business and share Young Living.

      The 100PV Essential Rewards order that distributors who are sharing participate in is a means by which we can order product every month at a further savings because we do need to have samples to share and we also need to be using the products ourselves so we know what they’re like, how to use them properly and have our own personal stories and experiences to share with others.

      I would only call this a “membership fee” IF it were a cost/expense where we did not obtain any product for which to use ourselves and share with others.

      I can assure you from a working distributor perspective that the 100PV Essential Rewards provides just the right amount of product for self-use and for sharing with others.

      Every business out there requires that there is a certain amount of product for display and /or sampling purposes. Plus, most business owners also use the products they sell because they enjoy them. That’s not considered a membership fee by anyone ever.

      For any distributor who is actively working their business (presenting to 40-100 people a month), having a 100PV Essential Rewards order is absolutely in alignment with the amount of product they will need for sharing purposes within a month.

      If we were not getting any product for our money I would absolutely agree with you Joshua but what you’re saying is just not the case. We are getting products that are actually shared and consumed on a regular basis.

      To my knowledge, all of the active Young Living distributors use the YL products in their own homes daily – we use the YL products because we like them much better than the same type of products sold in stores. The money that everyone in the world spends on personal care products, cleaning products, first aid products every month gets spent at the stores and wherever ones shops – that is never considered to be a membership fee.

      So why is there issue when YL distributors order samples and product for themselves on a program such as Essential Rewards?

      I personally consider a membership fee to be something that is paid on a regular basis and there is never any exchange of product for that fee, meaning the fee only gives you the right to buy product from a company for a set period of time – such as at Sam’s Club.

      It seems crazy to me to have to pay a yearly fee just so I can buy product from their stores. I get nothing except the option to shop there… to me that seems to be taking a little bit of advantage of folks who want a better price on things they’re going to be buying anyway.

      I hope this brings more clarity on the topic ;)

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