If you do not have mold it is recommended to ‘prevent’ it from occurring, see #1 below. Preventing mold is the easiest and least expensive action you can take, be proactive!

If you have tested your home and have found toxic mold to be present you will need to follow all of the instructions below, make any necessary repairs to your home to prevent leaks and moisture, and perform regular maintenance after the 24 hour treatment. It is important to not cut corners or let a mold issue fester and worsen.

Remember, it is much cheaper and easier to prevent mold than it is to remediate a toxic mold situation.

What to order to get rid of a mold problem

What you need to perform the initial 24 hour treatment:TheraPro diffuser and Thieves essential oil

  • 1 – 15ml bottle Thieves Oil Blend (#3423)
  • 1 Thieves Household Cleaner (#3743)
  • 1 TheraPro Premium Diffuser (#4495)

This will cover 1,000 sq.ft.

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Consider including these with your order:

  • Add one additional bottle of Thieves essential oil for each additional 1,000 sq.ft. of space.
  • Add 1-2 more bottles of Thieves essential oil for your weekly maintenance to keep mold away.
  • Add one bottle of Lemongrass or Thyme essential oil to kill all of the mold species (there is a species of Aspergillis mold that Thieves oil will not kill, including Lemongrass or Thyme will address that).

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“This [essential oil] blend contains Lemon, Cinnamon, Cloves, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. It is non-toxic and approved by the FDA for human consumption, There is scientific evidence that this same blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils also kills bacteria and viruses.” (Chao, Journal of Essential Oil Research, 1998)

Using the recommendations below was found to be more effective at eliminating mold than any other treatment currently available, with an overall spore removal efficiency of 96.65%, 100% spore removal efficiency for 17 species of mold, with long-term residual effects. Case study participants also reported significant health improvements following these recommendations.

How to find out if you do have toxic mold

An environmental professional, an engineer, an industrial hygienist, or an indoor air quality specialist with proper credentials has the right equipment and experience, can perform testing for you to find out which species of mold you do have and in what quantities.

Where to contact a mold professional

To find a qualified environmental professional visit the Indoor Air Quality Association at

Household Mold: Do’s and Don’ts Before You Start

Do: The reason for hiring a professional is to identify which types of mold you have and the spore counts. When and if toxic mold spore counts are high you will be able to work with this professional to remediate the toxic mold from your home. In extreme cases of high spore count your home may need to be sealed and the removal of moldy contents will be properly bagged and disposed of by the professional and the bagged materials will be taken to a hazardous waste location.

Do: Make repairs. Address all potential sources of the mold problem: repair all moisture issues and leaks!

Do: Toxic mold is not something to be taken lightly, some species can be deadly. If no one in the home is sick from mold and if the mold problem is small; it is possible to wear appropriate gear, a hazmat suit and mask, and remove the bagged moldy items yourself.

Do: Remove any and all items that have dampness and water damage. Clothing, paper goods, sheetrock, and wood are cellulose – food for mold! If you cannot thoroughly clean items it is best to dispose of them completely.

DO: Please take precaution: wear hazmat gear and a mask.

Do Not: If you have high toxic mold spore counts, do NOT try to remove the contaminated materials yourself and do not hire a contractor who does not know how to handle hazardous materials correctly. Under no circumstances should the bagged hazardous materials be dumped in a conventional landfill.

Do Not: Do NOT use bleach for mold. Bleach is more toxic to us and the environment than mold. The EPA warns homeowners to not use bleach for mold situations because of its dangers to our health and because even though bleach will kill mold, the mold will begin to grow back after 24 hours. You may already know this if you have tried using bleach on your mold problem, it keeps coming back.

Do Not: The mold tests sold in stores are not adequate, you would be better off putting your money into another aspect of getting control of the mold problem.

1) Taking a Pro-active Approach to Mold

Ideally, you would have a professional come in to do mold testing. Unfortunately, some cannot afford to hire a professional, in which case you might consider doing what some do when a mold problem is not terrible and if you are not terribly sick from living with the mold.

Please, use commonsense when making a decision and follow the recommendations stated here.

The first thing to do is, repair all moisture issues and leaks. Never let a small leaking problem turn into a large expensive problem. Being pro-active saves money, time and the quality of lives.

You might just want to assume that you do have every type of toxic mold growing in your home.

When you move, this is the ideal because the new home is empty, buy the products above and make time to diffuse the new place before moving in to be on the safe side. Then, follow the weekly maintenance recommended in step 5 below.

I have been diffusing Thieves essential oil to prevent mold in every home I have lived in since 2000. I have found it is much easier to set up my diffuser before moving into a new home or apartment because when it is empty [completely free of my belongings] I am certain that the microfine mist of essential oil from the diffuser is saturating the entire space. I open all doors and cabinet doors and run my diffuser for 48 hours non-stop – just to be on the safe-side, I would rather be safe than sorry since toxic mold can be a very serious issue. Some might think this is over-kill but to be perfectly honest for the relatively small amount of money it costs it far outweighs any other remediation and unnecessary medical expenses if there is toxic mold present that could get into my body.

After the 48 hour diffusing has ended, I clean-up with the Thieves Household Cleaner. Then, I’m ready to move my belongings in and enjoy my new home!

For the next one to two months I will run my diffuser for a total of eight hours a week as further prevention. Beyond that, assuming I do not have any moisture or leaks in the home [which I get repaired immediately] I will backdown my maintenance diffusing to about four hours a week. ~ Evelyn Vincent in North Carolina.

2) Getting Ready for Diffusing

The next thing you will do is diffuse the essential oils continuously (non-stop) for a minimum of 24 hours. Before doing that you will need to make sure everything is in order…

Leave the home during the 24 hour diffusing period: Make plans to either not be living in the area that you are diffusing, or make plans to stay someplace else for 24 hours. You cannot live in the space during the 24 or more hours of non-stop diffusing. Even though the essential oils are not toxic the fact is that there is cinnamon and clove oils in the Thieves blend and those are spices and will irritate the mucous membranes.

Take your pets with you: Never leave pets during the 24 hour diffusing period, the oils are way too potent for them to be inhaling. Take pets with you! Yes, this also applies to fish, birds, reptiles, cats, dogs, all pets!

Free flowing: Open all interior doors, cabinet doors, and dresser drawers. If you have drawers or closets that are a bit too full, pull some of the stuff out. This is a perfect opportunity to do clutter clearing if you have been putting it off!

Then, take a moment and imagine how the air is going to flow through your home, will it flow freely? Or, will it be impeded?

In order for the essential oils to be effective and dissolve (kill) the mold spore cells, the micro-fine mist of the diffused essential oil MUST come into contact with the mold spores.

Placement of your diffuser: Place your diffuser fairly high, the height of a fireplace mantle is good. Locate your diffuser centrally. Many homes have an open floor plan, this is good and might mean that you will not have to more your diffuser around.

For homes that are kind of chopped up, and if you know the diffused mist is not likely to go around a bend and down the hall and into a bedroom, you may have to move the diffuser a time or two in order to make sure the essential oil is dispersed throughout the home.

Diffuser placement, other things to consider: Keep in mind that the TheraPro Diffuser and one 15ml bottle of Thieves oil will only cover 1,000 sq.ft. If your home is 1,800 sq.ft. and has a basement, you will have to break the house up into ’3′ sections and diffuse each section for 24 hours; that can take some time to do, be patient and do it properly so you will be certain to tackle any mold issues. The other option for larger areas is to have an additional recommended diffuser.

3) Diffuser Set Up: Running Non-Stop 24 Hours

You want to diffuse for 24 hours non-stop. For more severe mold issues consider diffusing for 48 hours or 72 hours for better results. Remember to add another bottle of Thieves essential oil for each additional 24 hours that you add to this treatment recommendation.

Here’s how to get set up…

Attach your bottle of essential oil to the diffuser (watch the video to see how easily this is done).

Turn on the diffuser to the highest setting and have it on continuously, make sure your diffuser is NOT on the timed setting!

Now you are ready to walk out the door!

You may want to check back in about one hour later, to make sure you set everything up properly and that everything is going the way it’s intended.

Check back in 4-6 hours later to top off your bottle of Thieves oil with either Lemongrass or Thyme essential. Be sure to turn your diffuser back on before you leave!

Sometimes a 15ml bottle of essential oil is empty in under 24 hours, not to worry that’s a good thing. Your goal is to get one 15ml bottle of essential oil into the air within 24 hours, this acts as a shock treatment to the mold spores.

4) Diffusing has Completed, What’s Next?

Return home after 24 hours, if the mist is still lingering in the air you might decide to go out again for a few hours to allow the oils to continue to do their work.

If the scent is still too strong, open a few windows or doors for 30-60 minutes.

Clean everything with Thieves Household Cleaner

First, gear-up, even dead mold spores can cause allergic reactions.

Next, clean everything with the Thieves Household Cleaner, surfaces, countertops, furniture. Approach this cleaning as a deep Spring cleaning and do a thorough job.

Wipe surfaces with undiluted Thieves Household Cleaner. Also use undiluted on mold stains.

Sometimes, in homes where there is a bad mold problem you might see or feel the dead mold on surfaces like tables and counters. You will want to use the Thieves Cleaner undiluted unless the surface is of some delicate nature and dilution would be necessary.

Cleaning up: Using Thieves Household Cleaner for Laundry

Wash curtains and maybe even all or most of your clothing too with the Thieves Household Cleaner, this cleaner is all-purpose.

To do this, add one capful of the Thieves Household Cleaner to the detergent dispenser in place of all other laundry products.

By the way, using the Thieves Cleaner from then on as a replacement for all laundry detergents is something you may wish to continue. You may discover like many have, that you like the results better too! This is an excellent option for those wishing to have a ‘Green’ friendly home.

Use Thieves Cleaner for: laundry, floors, windows, counters, sinks, kitchen, bathroom, tubs/showers, in place of carpet shampoo chemicals, everything… even use it to wash our car and clean the upholstery!

After diffusing and a thorough cleaning, have your home tested again for mold. If no toxic mold is found follow the suggestions below for maintenance. If there is still some toxic mold present, repeat steps 2-4.

5) Diffusing Weekly Maintenance

Don’t let your time and money be wasted! Use the light or medium dilution ratio on the Thieves Household Cleaner (see ratio’s on the label) to clean your house from now on. Clean everything with it, it’s all-purpose.

The Thieves Household Cleaner is all-natural, it can be used and can replace an entire cabinet full of other cleaning products, freeing up space in otherwise over-crowded cabinets.

Run your diffuser for 30 minutes a day, or any time combination totaling 8 hours a week.

Diffusing serves many functions: it keeps the mold from coming back, makes the house smell great, and helps prevent colds and flu.

If you’re diffusing Thieves essential oil for 30 minutes a day as your maintenance program you can use the timer on the TheraPro Diffuser. Most people are not sensitive to being in a home during a 30 minute diffusing, many enjoy being home during the 30 minute diffusing period – the scent is quite nice and it exposes you to a small amount of an essential oil that is well known for helping to prevent colds and flu.

Mold on the Home Exterior

If there’s mold on the exterior of the home use a 1:1 ratio, i.e. 1 part Thieves Cleaner to 1 part water.

If you live in an area where there is low humidity, you can dilute the Thieves Household Cleaner 1:4, 1 part Cleaner to 4 parts water.

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Sample Order to Get Started:

These items are sufficient for about 1,000 sq.ft.Thieves Household Cleaner

  • 1 bottle of the Thieves Oil Blend -15 ml (#3423)
  • 1 Thieves Household Cleaner (#3743)
  • 1 TheraPro Premium Diffuser (#4495)
  • Add 1 bottle Lemongrass (#3581), or Thyme (#3650) essential oil to cover all the mold species

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