Creating a Home Spa

We all deserve to take good care of and pamper ourselves at home more often. Create Your Own Home Spa Experience with Aromatherapy!

This is not to say we can entirely duplicate the treatment from our favorite spa, just that when we regularly carve out a chunk of time for “me”. Creating your own home spa makes it easier to carve some time from a busy schedule to do something beneficial for our bodies, minds and spirits.

Essential oils, can give us a wide range of emotional, physical, and emotional benefits. The most refreshing of the oils are the citrus oils, such as: lemon and grapefruit, and the conifer oils such as spruce, pine, and fir. But refreshment can also come from relaxation and deep rest, assisted by lavender, clary sage, RutaVaLa, or geranium essential oils.

Sweet fragrances are particularly important for refreshment, as the Charka Samhita of Ayurveda said:

“Sweet smells maintain youth, vigor, and give a long life. As a rejuvenator, they increase sensual enjoyment.”

Such oils would be: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Copaiba.

Essential oils can also support lifting of the spirits from down-in-the-dumps to help calm an agitated mind, assisting to remove impurities of stress and unhappiness from our consciousness.

Scents and Wellness

Calming aromatherapy bathUnfortunately, many aromatherapy products such as scented candles are contaminated with synthetic aromatic chemicals, which are not essential oils at all. These unwanted synthetic chemical scents can cause headaches, allergies and even cancers.

A much better replacement for synthetically fragrance products would be to use natural, unscented bee’s wax or soy candles with natural wicks, and then use your diffuser for scenting the air to gain the benefits of aromatherapy.

Some essential oils can act as gentle stimulants to the limbic system of the brain, increasing alertness and concentration, enhancing the capacity for learning, improved memory, and assisting many other cognitive functions. A wide range of essential oils offer these benefits, such as: peppermint, lemon, rosemary and melissa.

For those times when we cannot abandon our worldly responsibilities, the simple ritual of inhaling an essential oil (take a quick sniff straight from the bottle), or diffusing, or rubbing a drop on the back of your neck, is a way of stepping outside the confines of routines and habitual negative thoughts.

A Note on Bath Salts

Did you know that bath salts aren’t just for the bath; they can be used for the shower as well?

Bath Salts, also known as Sea Salts, are tremendously therapeutic. Here is some information on Sea Salts to help you make the best choices for your needs:

Himalayan Pink – is a pure, hand-mined salt found naturally deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains with a high mineral content. This 250 million year old, Jurassic era sea salt is known for its healing properties, used by health professionals and spas.

EuroSpa Salt – is a European spa salt harvested from the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ceara Bath Salt – is pure natural sea salt for making Bath Salt, Salt Scrubs, and Aromatherapy Treatments. This high mineral bath salt will increase the quality of any bath salt or spa recipe.

Bath Salts in the Shower

You can easily take Sea Salts from the bath to the shower, receiving vital benefits of Sea Salts in a similar way that you do in the bath. Simply pour a handful of Sea Salts into your hand, and add either V-6 Massage Oil or Young Living Shower Gel Base, add a few drops of your chosen YL essential oil and very gently massage into the skin. This will exfoliate dead skin cells, revealing a super glow to the skin, and you’ll receive beneficial nutrients and detox benefits that Sea Salts offer the skin and body.

Oftentimes, the essential oil scent that you find most pleasing and soothing will have the healing action that you need. Essential oils can remain in the body for between 4 and 24 hours before being eliminated through the lungs and kidneys – and the beneficial effects may continue long after the essential oil has left the body.

15-Minute Full-Body or Foot Bath

This is one of the most luxurious ways to enjoy your favorite essential oil; a perfect treat after a long day at work or doing household chores.

In a small bowl, simply mix a total of 5-10 drops of Peppermint, Lavender or Copaiba (or any combination of the three) into your chosen salt, stir until thoroughly mixed. Then, add to your bath water.

Note: for baths, always use a natural Sea Salt or Epsom Salts with your essential oils, these act as a dispersing agent for the essential oils and will help to keep your essential oils more evenly mixed in the bath water.

Extra Tip: for make a foot acupressure foot bath simply add marbles or river pebbles to your flat bottomed bowl and gently move your feet around.

Steam Facial

For every cup of water, add one drop of your preferred essential oil. Disperse the oil by stirring the water gently (no need to use salt in this treatment). Wrap your hair in a towel and hold your face 10 – 12 inches over the bowl while keeping your eyes closed. Steam for 3 – 5 minutes.

Soothe Away Stress and Anxiety

Essential oils can have a balancing effect on anxiety and stress by calming the nervous system and restoring a sense of peace and equilibrium. Secondly, by working into the DNA and emotional centers of the brain where abuse memories or core beliefs are imprinted and stored.

Popular Young Living Single Oils for Anxiety: Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood.

Popular Young Living Blends for Anxiety: SARA*, Hope, Joy, Peace & Calming, Inner Child, Grounding, Trauma Life, Valor, Forgiveness, White Angelica.

Please click on this link and scroll through the many recipes we have written over the years.

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