The Chakras and Colour Therapy-Sacral Chakra

The second part in this 7-part series is the Sacral Chakra and the colour orange.

Ancient Tibetan lamas believed that the chakras are a primary determining factor in the aging process.  They believed that if any one of the chakras is blocked or slowed, then vital life energy cannot circulate properly and illness and aging begin to set in.  “According to the Tibetan lamas, the only difference between youth and old age is the spin rate of the chakras.” “The 10-minute Rejuvenation Plan” by Carolinda Witt.

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen approximately 2 inches below the navel.  The endocrine glands related to the sacral chakra are the ovaries and testes.  They produce reproductive cells and secrete hormones which control the reproductive organs.  The sacral chakra also influences the uterus, large bowel and prostate.

The sacral chakra is about self-respect and the freedom to be ourselves, having respect for our own boundaries and those of others.  It’s about our connection and ability to accept others and also new experiences.  The sacral chakra represents sexuality, creativity and emotional balance.  On an emotional level, it stimulates optimism and hope.

Orange is the colour of creativity and fun.  It stimulates and energizes us.  The colour orange can bring about a sense of abundance, well-being and pleasure.  Orange is a warm and caring colour.  It is beneficial for both male and female sexual health.

People who have a well-balanced sacral chakra exude self-confidence without arrogance, and are joyful, enthusiastic, creative and sensual.

Weakness in the sacral chakra can present itself as anger, frustration and resentment.  When the sacral chakra is overstimulated, we are manipulative, aggressive and over self-indulgent.  Emotionally, negative traits of the colour orange are laziness and apathy.  Health problems associated with the sacral chakra are PMS, uterine fibroids, testicular disease, irritable bowel syndrome and endometriosis.Chakra points and Auric Field around people

Essential oils are wonderful to use to help keep your sacral chakra functioning at its best.  Clary Sage essential oil, for example, is wonderful for balancing the female hormonal system and for reproductive health. Ylang Ylang essential oil balances the sacral chakra and is known to be an aphrodisiac.  Fennel essential oil may be used for menopausal symptoms.   Rose essential oil regulates the menstrual cycle and supports the uterus.  Sandalwood essential oil has an age-old reputation for being an aphrodisiac and may be used to treat infections of the reproductive organs, especially in men.  Use a natural food colouring and essential oils to create your own natural, healthy orange bath salts and shower gel for an instant pick-me-up, or diffuse the essential oils.

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Another way to balance the chakras is to practice the Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation daily.  The 5 Rites are simple but extremely powerful exercises to help balance the chakras and improve overall health.  They have long been practiced by monks to slow aging, calm the mind and strengthen the body.   Carolinda Witt has simplified these ancient rites and created T5T.  The fourth Rite, the Tabletop, stimulates from the sacral chakra to the throat chakra, and also the minor chakras in the knees.

An interesting note on reproductive health, Folic acid (Vitamin B9) is widely used by women who are trying to conceive and to support a healthy pregnancy, however, it is also especially important for male reproductive health as well, as it plays an important role in the production of healthy sperm.  It is therefore important for both men and women who are trying to conceive to maintain a healthy level of folic acid.  Luckily for us, Young Living has a Super B vitamin supplement which contains 8 essential B vitamins, including Folic Acid.  I realize I strayed slightly away from the sacral chakra and into reproductive health for a moment there, but I feel that the information is important and should be included.

To your health!

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