Best Essential Oils for Your All-Natural Summertime First Aid Kit (part 1)

I can’t imagine not using essential oils for the issues that crop up during the summer. There is a reason why I switched over from over-the-counter products to essential oils… because superior quality essential oils work much better.

I learned that just how much better superior quality essential oils worked when I had my landscape business years ago. Aside from bandages, I always kept two things in my truck: Lavender essential oil, a jar of Animal Scents Ointment and a tube of KidScents Tender Tush, keep reading to find out how I discovered this amazing trio and why I highly recommend them…

Animal Scents, Tender Tush, Lavender, Skin CareThe Animal Scents Ointment deserves an explanation

I had been using it on my dog when he got a bee sting, particularly when he got stung above his eyelid and there was a lot of swelling, the Animal Scents Ointment brought the swelling down within a couple of minutes.

I took a look at the list of ingredients again because I was very impressed on how well it worked on my dog, they ingredients are all very healing and perfect for humans too… these ingredients are far better than most personal care products sold in stores!

Animal Scents Ingredients: Mink oil, lecithin, beeswax, lanolin, sesame seed oil, rosewood†, wheat germ oil, palmarosa†, geranium†, patchouli†, balsam fir† (Idaho), myrrh†, carrot seed oil, Melaleuca alternifoila†, and rose hip seed oil.

Knowing that Young Living only uses high quality ingredients in all of their products I decided to use the Animal Scents Ointment the next time I had a skin issue (scrape, cut, insect bite, etc.) instead of using Neosporin (which I had always used before and always became angry within a couple of days because the injury always became infected and took forever to heal).

Low and behold the Animal Scents Ointment worked amazingly well on my cuts, scrapes and insect bites! So I replaced the Neosporin in my truck with a jar of Animal Scents Ointment!

Another thing I noticed is how soft the Animal Scents Ointment made my skin feel after applying it… so, I decided to rid a tiny dab on my hands to soothe the dry skin.

Again, the results were nothing short of amazing!

Explanation of why include KidScents Tender Tush too

In the meantime, I had heard that some of my friends were using the KidScents Tender Tush (ointment) as a face cream to prevent wrinkles. So I decided to try mixing a tiny dab of both Tender Tush and Animal Scents Ointments together and apply the mixture to the soles of my dry feet, knees and elbows.

Again, miraculous results! It was the first time the soles of my feet and knees have ever felt as soft as a baby’s bottom!!!

Healing and Beautiful Skin on a Budget

If you are on a budget and want gorgeously soft skin I highly recommend you get a tube of the Tender Tush and a jar of the Animal Scents Ointment – you will save an enormous amount of money yearly in doing so. Here’s how the cost breaks down…

  • 4oz. jar Animal Scents Ointment – retail $27.30 / wholesale $20.75
  • 2oz. tube KidScents Tender Tush – retail $32.89 / wholesale $25.00
  • 15ml bottle (contains approx. 250 drops) Lavender essential oil – retail $30.92 / wholesale $23.50

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Unless you have the worst dry skin in the world, you will probably buy only one of each of these a year! Yes, that’s how often I use them up and need to replace them. And seriously… you only need a tiny dab of each – do not use wads, it’s not necessary to waste the product!

My cost for this pair comes to $69.25 a year (plus tax/shipping) – try it and see for yourself. If you don’t agree with me you can return them within 30 days for a refund or credit – I know you will have amazing results just like I’ve had.

My last recommendation is to create a wholesale membership under the “Independent Distributor” option, you will save 24% off retail prices – there’s no obligation to have a business or sell anything, ever! There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the benefits of wholesale pricing like I do! Just select a Start Living kit, the Start Living with Everyday Oils kit is what I recommend for the First Aid kit (more on wholesale membership and see the Starter Kits).

My Picks for the First Items on the Summer First Aid Kit Are

  • Lavender essential oil  (#3575)
  • Animal Scents Ointment (#5165)
  • Tender Tush (#3689)

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†pure therapeutic essential oil

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