Gallstones: Changes, Supplements and Essential Oils I Used for Gallstones a Home Remedy

This past January 2013, a couple of days before my 56th birthday, I made a trip to the emergency room after progressively not feeling well for a couple of weeks. It turned out that I had gallstones, a lot of them. My diet hasn’t been as good as it could have been and should have been and I’ve been under a good bit of stress in recent years, so I was not too surprised to have my first health issue.

Being that I’ve never had a health issue up until recently I listened closely to what the test and scan results were and I asked a lot of questions. They wanted to give me pain killers to which I promptly said, “no thank you, I can manage the pain fine.” They also wanted to give me another drug which I cannot recall the name of right now, I also declined that one too.

I asked my doctor, after he told me I needed surgery to remove the gallstones, “how bad is the problem and when do you think the surgery should be done by?”

He told me that ideally he wanted to see me in surgery in not longer than 3 to 4 weeks otherwise things could get more complicated.

My thinking always gravitates towards ‘what else can I do that will promote healing?’ This situation was no different from a flu virus to me. I would simply go home and do my research and get better.

If found that he said 3-4 weeks he’d like to see me have surgery as being an excellent opportunity to spend 3 to 4 weeks getting rid of the gallstones naturally.

Now of course I am no medical expert and I cannot tell you what to do if you find yourself in the same situation. This is simply my story and what I did. I take full responsibility for my own wellness and if I make a wrong choice I have always been fully prepared to accept complete responsibility for all of my choices. This time would be no different.

After having some assistance from my good friend and YLC distributor Tammy Baile (she has a medical background and I trust her judgement) we came up with a list of essential oils, supplements and foods.

I began taking these essential oils in capsules 3 times daily:

Citrus Fresh (4-5 drops), GLF (Gallbladder-Liver-Function)(3-4 drops) and Thyme (4-5 drops).

I take these essential oils daily for up to 2-3 weeks then I stop for 1-3 weeks because I feel that my body appreciates the rest.

I always tell people if they’re using the superior quality unadulterated essential oils, such as Young Living, that they must tune into their body and use them responsibly because each body is different and what I do that works for me will vary from person-to-person.

For those who are new to essential oils it is extremely important that you never ingest an essential oil unless it is medicinal and labeled to be used internally as a supplement. never assume that the essential oils in a health food store are safe to consume.

I was unable to find out back then if taking the supplement named JuvaTone would be safe if one already had gallstones so I opted to put that one on the back burner for a bit – which reminds me, I need to find out if it’s OK in that situation. One interesting thing I did out was that when taking JuvaTone (if you’re not doing a cleanse at the same time) you must take the supplement ComforTone with it and ONLY take them in the morning because they work together on the liver. I wanted to wait a few months before introducing this pair into my daily routine, I wanted to see if just using the essential oils (listed above) in a capsule would be enough to help the stones break down into a fine consistency.

I tried a number of essential oils topically on my waist (the liver area is where the gall bladder is located) and found that the only essential oil that helped with pain discomfort was German Chamomile. Interestingly I’ve also found that a few drops of German Chamomile on my neck and shoulders, where I hold stress, is still helped within minutes!

I was also instructed by my doctor to not eat any fats. I later found out that consuming fats makes the gall bladder work harder secreting a bile necessary for digestion and elimination. Shopping for foods these days that are not processed and naturally don’t contain fat is extremely challenging in today’s supermarkets – even the organic foods are so processed and loaded with fats and sugars.

I opted to eat more wild salmon (not farm-raised, ever) fresh fruits and vegetables. Vital Choice Seafood is by far the BEST place to buy wild fish and seafood, without a doubt. I’ve bought fresh seafood from them for years and have not found any others to come even remotely close regarding taste and overall quality.

I also ate one apple a day – to keep the doctor away!

I substituted vegetable broth for olive oil and butter – which I was surprised to find was actually quite tasty and a perfectly fine fat substitute! Using vegetable broth to replace the milk used to make mashed potatoes is quite good too.

I used to have olive oil and balsamic vinegar on my tossed salads – interestingly I found I was quite happy omitting the olive oil and just using the balsamic vinegar.

I’ve also been taking the supplement called True Source. It comes in this packet that is divided up into three and contains a lot of great vitamins and minerals (the list of ingredients is very long so I won’t publish it here). I take 1 of each color capsule daily, like the recommend dosage on the box states to do. Capsules can be taken separately or combined together in 1 daily dose.

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My first 10 days after the emergency room trip I slept a lot and was quite uncomfortable; I had trouble bending and sitting at my desk, so I mostly rested in bed and slept. I began feeling better after about a week, not completely better just enough better to believe that I probably could heal this without surgery.

It took nearly 2 months before I could bend and sit at my desk for any length of time. And I have only improved ever since. I am not claiming to be completely free of the gallstones but I can perform any normal activity (hiking, walking, running, household cleaning, etc.) and will continue my routine until they are gone… which does not mean I will revert my diet back to including too many fats and processed foods (regardless of whether they’re organic or not, processed is processed, don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise!)

Al-in-all, I would say for ‘me’ I made the right choice. I’m happy with the path I chose and I expect to continue to getting better.

As the months pass I will come back in and give updates. Up to my writing this post I have not gotten worse at all, I’ve only slowly and steadily improved.

Please take responsibility for your wellness. At the very least, I highly recommend cleaning up your diet (read those labels – there’s a lot of nasty stuff in our food these days!!!), making changes in your emotional life too – remove those things which do not serve you, and take high quality supplements.

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