Planting Frankincense Trees at the Young Living Farm in Oman

Young Living distributors recently had a blast planting frankincense trees at our farm in Salalah, Oman! Watch their experience…

Frankincense (Boswellia frereana)

Even though this post is about Sacred Frankincense I wanted to include this piece on Boswellia frereana because there has been so much talk and I might add confusion about it and its properties in recent years. Boswellia frereana is naturally growing only in Solmalia. It is often used in sweet-smelling perfume making and as a coptic incense in Egypt. Boswellia frereana is the cheapest of all the Frankincense species and, through scientific analysis, we know it has very few health benefits and contains No Boswellic acids and No Incensol.

Frankincense (Boswellia sacra)

Boswellia sacra grows wild only in Yeman and Oman. In Oman¬†Boswellia sacra grows in the canyons (called wadi’s) that are cut deep into the Crescent Dhofar Mountains. Boswellia sacra trees prefer dry limestone areas where there is little rain, which is why the trees only grow towards the lower portions of the mountains which also provides high moisture air conditions (the trees don’t like a lot of ground water but do require a lot of air-moisture) of which the species sacra prefers.¬† Boswellia sacra is high in Boswellic acids, sesquiterpenes and diterpenes. One of its main psychologically activities is to the brain; meditation, spiritual and emotional healing. Boswellia sacra is distilled in Oman by Young Living Essential Oils. Boswellia sacra is prized by sultan’s for producing the best frankincense resin in the world.Boswellia sacra

Boswellia sacra trees are protected by tribal tradition. Collection of the resin is a 3,000 year old trade handed down through the family. They know which trees they can harvest from and how much resin the trees will be capable of providing to the people each year – this is determined by the health of the tree.

The image to the right shows where a thin layer of the bark has been expertly scraped and the oozing resin is beginning to form the tears that will be harvested and later distilled.

The hasik Region in Oman produces the highest quality Bosewllia sacra resin – this type of resin is known as Hougari grade. And this grade is what is used in distillation of the YL Sacred Frankincense.

Young Living determined the proper distillation equipment and techniques to produce the highest quality pure essential oil with the best therapeutic benefits. It requires about 16-24 hour process to distill Boswellia sacra resin. Through studying and testing it was found that this length of time produces the best therapeutic properties in the finished essential oil. These therapeutic properties are again tested for when the frankincense essential oil arrives in the USA where each batch undergoes 7 tests for purity and potency.

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Sacred Frankincense Testing

  • GC/MS for component identification
  • GC for component percentage
  • Optical Rotation for natural chiral purity
  • Specific Gravity to density
  • Refractive Index for purity measurement
  • Color for consistency
  • Aroma for consistency
  • Quality Control and Consistency

It’s the combination and percentage of specific compounds in the Sacred Frankincense, over 230 of them, which provide the therapeutic benefits.

The batches of Sacred Frankincense are stored in cold storage, bottled under sanitary conditions, warehoused until packaged and shipped to customers. Meticulous handling is applied so that the bottle of frankincense we open after our order has arrived is as fresh as it was moments after being distilled.

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Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)

Boswellia carteri grows only in east Africa, Ethiopia and Somalia near the NE coast. The Young Living Boswellia carteri is steam distilled by a partner in Kenya. Boswellia carteri is very high in Incensol and Incensol acetate. This species YL also does sell and it’s a superb essential oil with many fantastic benefits too.

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