Antiseptic Antibacterial Antifungal Essential Oils and Thieves Products Successfully Treat Deep Infected Horse Wounds Thrush

Below are testimonials of how I have used Young Living Organic superior  Grade Essential Oils on our horse.  He has had had multiple deeply infected wounds, all of which were treated not with antibiotics or antifungals, but with Young Living Medicinal Grade Essential Oils.

Treatment of a deep puncture wound with laceration and infection was not something I had experienced as yet with our horse, which he soon remedied.  Our horse injured himself  through his throat/neck with a deep puncture wound and laceration on a Sunday, most likely from a nail in his paddock fencing.

When I talked to the barn owner, he told me it was deep enough that I should  consider calling in a vet for an open debridement and stitches.  I went immediately.  When I saw him, the swelling around the wound was  the size of a soft ball, deep, clearly sensitive to the touch, and it was clear he was unhappy at best.  His nostrils were flaring and he wouldn’t stand still in his stall.  I was afraid to go into his stall alone since he was spinning and head thrusting like I had never seen before.  I flushed the wound copiously with peroxide and water.  I’m a big believer in using Young Living Essential Oils to treat wounds alternatively in place of antibiotic pills and ointments.  I made a blend of Thieves, Basil, Clove and Oregano oils, mixed them with 15 drops of water, shook well to mix, and slowly irrigated them into the wound with a needle-less syringe, paying particular attention to the puncture “hole” in the neck wound.  The wound at that time was clearly infected.   I could see pus deep within the wound.  I believed wholeheartedly that the superior pure essential oils would work, however, everyone was telling me he needed an open debridement with stitches and antibiotics.

I went and repeated this essential oil irrigation on Monday.  The wound was only slightly less swollen.  I did call the vet, who came on Tuesday.

When I saw his wound on Tuesday, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It went from the size of a soft ball to the size of half a golf ball overnight!  I should’ve known the Young Living oils would work as well as they always have in the past.  The vet did not put him on antibiotics, he felt there was absolutely no need.  He was wondering why I called him for an emergency visit, since the wound looked so good.  I explained how the wound looked Monday, with the barn owner there for verification.  I felt like a fool bringing the vet all the way out for nothing.  I should’ve known the “antibiotic blend” of essential oils I put together would work, but, to be perfectly honest, because the wound was on the throat part of his neck and both so large and deep, I was concerned that the essential oils alone would be able to do the trick.  I should never have second guessed the magnificent power of these oils to work effectively, even on a wound of this magnitude.  They told me I saved roughly $1,500.00 dollars in vet and antibiotic bills!  The essential oil blend I figure cost me about $3.00 per application, and I applied it three times, so a total of $9.00 to treat my horse.  An unbelievable savings!

These superior pure essential oils  have yet to let me down.  They are powerful, unadulterated, organic, medicinal grade and  pesticide free.  I firmly believe these  superior essential oils will soon change medicine as we know it, for both people and animals.

I get tremendous satisfaction out of knowing that I successfully treated our horse holistically, using alternative treatments, by using a product that is so simple to use, has no toxic systemic side effects, works quickly, and has been around since the beginning of time.

Our horse also had a huge abscess in his foot, which blew out a chunk of hoof,  leaving a section missing, a huge crack, and deep infected internal pocket.  He was completely lame.   I treated this by first flushing it with peroxide and it literally smoked! His ankle and hoof were hot to the touch and the ankle was swollen and hot.

I went back the next day with my essential oils. I scrubbed the frog, sole and hoof  with Thieves Hand Soap, rinsed, irrigated with peroxide which still smoked, then injected my Clove, Basil, Oregano and Thieves mixture into the crack then wrapped it with gauze to hold in any oil that leaked out.

When I went back the following day, the ankle was perfect;  he was no longer favoring his injured foot.  It was no longer hot, or even remotely warm. Again I injected peroxide… no smoke.  I injected my essential oil combo and let it be.

What an awesome, no antibiotic, fast, healthy, alternative treatment to an infection! My lame horse of 36 hours previous was now cantering away, and happy to do it!  Additionally, this treatment was very economical, especially compared to the high price of a vet call  and antibiotics.

The farrier was out 3 days later… his frog was completely healed with no signs of any internal abscess, no Thrush, not foot tender at all. The barn owner calls it “the voodoo that I do”!

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Our horse also had thrush on his hooves in the early spring, as I’m sure did most horses.  I scrubbed his feet one time with the Thieves foaming hand soap, let it sit for a minute before rinsing,  the next day and ever since there has been no signs of Thrush.

So far I’ve  had unbelievable success treating and curing his wounds.  Young Living offers  you organic genuine therapeutic grade  natural products that not only work better, faster and longer then any toxic antibiotic salve or cream product I’ve used, and are completely safe to apply topically as well as to inhale, for both you, your child, your horse and your pet!

Finally, an alternative, chemical free way to treat him successfully using only organic  Essential Oils.

I never expected these  Essential Oils to work nearly as impressively as they did, and I myself am almost dumbfounded by their success. I wanted to let you know about my personal and unbelievable success stories.  I am using many varieties of Young Living Essential Oils for many varieties of issues.  If you should ever come across someone who is looking for an organic, chemical free, antibiotic free approach to treatment of an issue, especially an infection or wound of any type where you might be sitting on the fence as to whether or not it needs an antibiotic, please feel free to contact me or point them to my article. I’m always looking for people to share my knowledge and personal success stories with.

So far I’ve had huge success with all of his  wounds.  I’ve also used some calming oils on him when he was a little hot under the collar in the spring. These alternative  natural treatment therapy   products support healing and wellness more effectively than anything else I’ve ever used!                   

Tammy Baile, Young Living Essential Oil Distributor, New JerseyTammy Baile Young Living Essential Oils Distributor # 1156558 I'm looking forward to helping you get "on with living" in a happy, healthy, chemical and pain-free way as I, my family and our pets have. Contact Tammy Order essential oils and wellness products here!

About Tammy Baile

For the first time in years I awake refreshed and ready to start the day. I no longer awake feeling like I've already run the Boston Marathon and dreading getting out of bed,  hobbling to the coffee pot.  Make no mistake, I don't run to the coffee pot, but now I can walk upright, without pain or with minimal managable pain, instead of walking hunched over holding onto the walls to get me there.  I'm currently using many different Young Living Essential Oils for aromatherapy as well as a holistic organic alternative treatments. My personal history has been grounded in medicine for the last 29 years, since the age of 20.  Before I became disabled with Systemic Lupus (SLE), I was a nurse, paramedic & EMT.  After a severe cervical spine issue resulting in a spinal fusion with a full Titanium shoulder,  I took my vast wealth of knowledge in medicine,  became a Medical Paralegal, where I worked until my Systemic Lupus became so severe that I am now permanently disabled for the last 11 years.  I live at the beautiful Jersey Shore,  as a single mom of a wonderful supportive 12 year old daughter. The Thieves products have also been a godsend for me.  I love using a "green" cleaner   that actually works!  We use the Thieves household cleaner for every cleaning job in our house now including mold, and the Thieves waterless hand sanatizer is with me at all times.  I have used the Thieves foaming hand soap and Thieves Essential Oil  to clean and subsequently heal severe cuts, lacerations and puncture wounds in our horse that everyone told me would require a vet visit, stitches & antibiotics.  No stitches or antibiotics were needed for our horse.  I've also successfully managed the horses hoof Thrush with Thieves foaming hand soap.  The Thrush was completely gone after just one application. I hope my articles, knowledge, experiences, and tips provide a wealth of information for you and your family on your wellness path. Contact me if you have questions or need assistance ordering. Order Here!

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