February Speical: Get Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices and $147 of Freebies

Essential Rewards (package)Great news here during the month of February 2013 for those who love free essential oil offers! There are three things happening, I will cover each individually but please look at them combined because that is how you will end up with $90 in credit towards free product and 4 free essential oils worth $57 retail.

I think this has to be one of the best offers on therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil products. It is perfect for those looking to get wholesale prices and maybe share Young Living with others (if you’ are looking to have a small home-based business, which is optional by the way).

Enjoy the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil enhanced products and save!

Ok, enough said, here’s the scoop…

Offer #1: New Wholesale/Distributor Members Enjoy a Free $40 Product Credit!

When you become a Young Living member as a wholesale customer under the “Distributor” membership and purchase a premium Start Living kit –and– additionally include with that order 100PV (about $100) more worth of product you will receive a $40 credit to be used toward any product of your choice. See all of the Start Living kits at the bottom of this post.

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Offer #2: Become a Member and Join Essential Rewards to Get $50 in Free Rewards Points

This offer is open to those who enroll as both a distributor (new or reactivated) and join the Essential Rewards program. You will need to place a minimum monthly 100PV (about $100) Essential Rewards order for three consecutive months after enrollment and you will automatically receive a one-time bonus of 50 points!

What is the Essential Rewards Program

It’s a program where you can earn reward points to redeem towards free product.

How Does Essential Rewards Work

  • You join the program, it’s free to join. You would join after you submit your order for the Start Living kit, you will see a link in the left column in the Virtual Office (after you checkout) “Essential Rewards” click on it and select a processing date and the products you want on that order. Remember to click “Save” after completing your Essential Rewards order.
  • You select a processing date for your monthly order, which can be changed at any time.
  • Each month you select, from our 400+ products, which products you would like for that month. Yes, you are encouraged to try different essential oils and essential oil products each month – chose what products ‘you’ want and change the products every month!
  • Note: if you want to get the 50 free rewards points your Essential Rewards orders for the next 3 months must be 100PV or higher (100PV is about $100).
  • You can cancel at any time but I will need to tell you that the savings (rewards points) is incentive to stay with it!

How Many Rewards Points Can You Earn Each Month

This is where the savings will become substantial over time…

  • Month 1-6 you earn 10%
  • Month 7-12 you earn 15%
  • Month 13 and beyond you earn 20%

Young Living keeps track of how many points you earn. To redeem your points you simply call Young Living and say, “I want to redeem my Essential Rewards points!” The customer service rep will ask you which products you want. You pay only the tax and shipping when you redeem your points.

I redeem my Essential Rewards points every four months, my Essential Rewards order is always over 100PV. I’ve also been on the program for years and so I am in the 20% bracket… which means, for every 100PV order I have I get $20 worth of reward points! Since my orders are always over 100PV, every four months my rewards points can vary between $90 to $200. That means I’m getting between $250 and $800 worth of free product a year! See what I mean, it adds up to a hefty savings over time!

Oh, and when you redeem your reward points the products you’re getting are at wholesale price too! Which is 24% lower than retail prices.

Note: The above rewards points you earn are separate than the special offer of $50 worth of rewards points you will receive from joining the program. And remember, a minimum 100 PV Essential Rewards order must be placed each month, for three full consecutive months following your enrollment month.

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Offer #3: The February Monthly Freebie

Each month there is a freebie, where when your order reaches a certain PV value you automatically receive the freebie.

During February 2013, the monthly freebie is a 5ml bottle of these popular essential oils: Lavender, Lemon, Purification and Thieves.

The minimum PV to get this months freebie oils is 185PV. This means that if you order a premium Start Living kit and add to that order 100PV (about $100) worth of other products you will quality to automatically receive the 4 free essential oils.

The Start Living with Everyday Oils kit and the Start Living with Thieves kit equal 115PV. When you add 115PV to 100PV your order totals 215PV which means you easily qualify for the 4 free oils!

Please note that the $40 Start Living kit has no PV value. However, the $40 kit is included with all of the premium kits!

Also note, all of the Start Living kits contain a mail-in $40 off a diffuser coupon! So remember to mail that coupon in to save $40 on a diffuser!

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Take Advantage of All the February Offers

When you take advantage of all of these offers you will end up with a total of nearly $150 worth of free product!

If you are taking advantage of these special offers you must become a member under the “Distributor” membership type. This does not mean you have to share Young Living or have a business though. The wholesale member-type and distributor are combined for ease.

If however, you would like to share Young Living with others you might want to let me know ASAP so if you know anyone who would also love this special offer they can become a member under you. please let me know if you do want to share Young Living with others because I will help you learn and support your efforts.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me!

Evelyn Vincent, Young Living Essential Oil Distributor, North Carolina~~ Place an Order Here ~~

Evelyn Vincent

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As a classical Feng Shui practitioner, Native Plant Landscaper, and Young Living Distributor, Evelyn brings a background of living naturally to her business. Also trained in Space Clearing and Labyrinth Design & Facilitation, her passion for balanced and harmonious living and lifestyle is an inspiration to others. Essential oils play a large role in creating surroundings of beauty and peace - from shifting stagnant energy to insect pests to cooking - the vitality of therapeutic oils and natural products helps restore the connection to self and nature. Please contact Evelyn if you have questions or need assistance.

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