Stress Hits Us All

I’ve been away from blogging for about two weeks. My dad died last week and saying we have a “fractured family” would be an understatement. The funeral is behind us and the drama may be over for now. I can finally breathe. And catch up.

But here I am, a Stress Management “Expert,” teaching people how to handle stress. Yet, the last two nights, the adrenaline pumping through my body had my heart rate up, my mind racing and sleep elusive. And that was with oils in the diffuser and on the back of my neck.

So this morning, before the funeral and the inevitable bru-ha-ha, I was a wreck. I was using Stress Away, which had, so far, been the most effective in reducing stress. But I told my husband, Dan, that what I wanted was a sedative. So I went for my big book. What I found for sedative was another roll-on I had in my arsenal, Tranquil. So I put that on top of the Stress Away. Then I added Peace and Calming to my feet.

Then, in the parking lot, I grabbed both roll-ons and slathered them on my throat.

By the time we got inside, I felt so much better. So much better.

The bru-ha-ha came and went. I was able to keep my head up, take the high road, and smile in the face of ….

Well, here’s the point. We all get stressed. Even when we know better. Even when we know the techniques. It’s okay. But the upshot is that stress is really hard on our bodies.

So let’s all make a commitment to finding the oils that really help us. Since we’re all different and our stresses run the gamut of types of stress, it’s good to experiment before we get into situation where we’re really challenged.

This time Stress Away and Tranquil and Peace and Calming were the oils that came to my rescue. Sometimes it’s Lavender. Lavender makes me feel loved. And yet, during this “crisis” it wasn’t enough or maybe it wasn’t just the right fit. That’s why we have more than one oil I guess.

Essential oils for everyday useKeep in mind that I started just like most folks do, with the Everyday Oils kit. It’s really remarkable for everyday needs. But more than that, it helped me fall more in love with the oils. I have my stand-byes, like Lavender and Peppermint (I call these the Duct Tape and WD-40 of the Essential Oils world). But every month I try something new. It’s such a grand adventure.

So if you’re wondering where to start and want to learn about God’s Medicines, jump over to the buy page and get started. You won’t be sorry.

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