A NURSES PERSPECTIVE: Healthcare Crisis: Treating High Cholesterol in a Natural Alternative way with Essential Oils and High Cholesterol

Sadly High Cholesterol has become a medical crisis in the USA, and now includes children as young as 3 years old.  High Cholesterol creates a lengthy list of additional medical conditions, most of which have little to no outward signs, so it very easily becomes a silent killer.  One day you feel fine, the next day you could be in the ER being told you need bypass surgery or a roto-ruter of your heart’s arteries.  Many lifestyle choices we make every day contribute to our high cholesterol, however, it can also be genetically caused.

Part 3 of this series will focus on natural alternative choices you might want to consider adding to your daily regime as part of your lifestyle changes.  This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or disease, and is provided for informational purposes only.

SALT LAKE CITY—July 14, 2011—Researchers in Iran have conducted a clinical trial investigating the effects of sage leaf extract on hyperlipidemia. This condition consists of abnormally elevated levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, triglycerides and other factors that can lead to cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of men and women in the United States with about 500,000 people dying from the disease each year.

The study demonstrated some exciting potential wellness benefits of sage, with participants’ triglycerides, LDL and total cholesterol dropping even as their HDL (good) cholesterol levels increased.  HC 061151-427, Date: June 30, 2011

RE: Sage Leaf Extract  May Be Safe and Effective in Treating hyperlipidemia.

Kianbakht S, Abasi B, Perham M, Hashem Dabaghian F. Antihyperlipidemic effects of Salvia officinalis L. leaf extract in patients with hyperlipidemia: a randomized doubleblind placebo-controlled clinical trial. Phytother Res. Apr 2011; [epub ahead of print]. doi:10.1002/ptr.3506.

Hyperlipidemia (abnormally elevated blood lipids or lipoprotein—total and low-density lipoprotein [LDL] cholesterol, very low-density lipoprotein [VLDL], triglycerides, and chylomicrons) can cause cardiovascular disease. Primary hyperlipidemia is caused by genetic mutations, and is divided into 3 categories: hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, and combined hyperlipidemia (elevated total cholesterol and triglycerides, and decreased high-density lipoprotein [HDL] cholesterol). Alternative treatments are required because some patients are resistant to current treatments.

Sage, (Salvia officinalis) has antihyperlipidemic effects in vitro. There is only 1 pilot clinical study that evaluates lipid levels other than blood triglyceride and VLDL. Hence, the purpose of this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of sage leaf extract in treating primary hyperlipidemia.  Patients included in this study had  total cholesterol levels = 240-300 mg/dL At baseline and at study end, blood was collected, and levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, VLDL, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, creatinine, and liver enzymes (serum glutamic-oxaloacetictransaminase [SGOT] and serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase [SGPT]) were measured.

At study end, sage treatment reduced total cholesterol by 19.6%, triglycerides by 22.8%, LDL by 19.7%, and VLDL by 13.3% compared with baseline.

Sage increased HDL levels by 20.2% compared with baseline. This effect was significantly different from placebo: There was no significant effect on SGOT, SGPT, and creatinine levels. The authors conclude that since sage had no significant effects on SGOT, SGPT, and creatinine, it would not produce liver or kidney toxicity. Sage leaves had favorable effects on a variety of lipids. Thus, sage leaves may be useful for treating hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia.

Mariann Garner-Wizard Shari Henson Amy Keller, PhD, David Levine Heather S Oliff, PhD Risa Schulman, PhD, Executive Editor – Mark Blumenthal Managing Editor – Lori Glenn.  Consulting Editors – Dennis Awang, PhD, Thomas Brendler, Francis Brinker, ND, Mark Dreher, Steven Foster, Risa Schulman, PhD, Assistant Editor – Tamarind Reaves

What does this study mean?  In non medical speak, this study showed that 500 mg. of sage taken 3 times a day for 2 months DECREASED total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol by 19.6-22.2% in only 2 months!  Additionally, HDH, good cholesterol was increased by 20.2%!  On top of that, NO ILL EFFECTS occurred on the liver or kidneys!  None!

The medical community and government are also studying the positive effects of Essential Oils on high cholesterol.  Here are some of their governmental findings. 

Lemongrass Essential oil lowers cholesterol.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21693164

Mint Essential Oil found to lower cholesterol:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20931070

Ginger Essential oil found to lower cholesterol:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21846199

Fish Oil found to lower cholesterol:  University of Maryland:  People who follow a Mediterranean-style diet tend to have higher HDL or “good” cholesterol levels, which help promote heart health. Inuit Eskimos, who get high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids from eating fatty fish, also tend to have increased HDL cholesterol and decreased triglycerides (fats in the blood). Several studies have shown that fish oil supplements reduce triglyceride levels. Finally, walnuts (which are rich in alpha linolenic acid or LNA, a type of omega-3 fatty acid) have been reported to lower total cholesterol and triglycerides in people with high cholesterol levels.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19416695


4 edible Essential oils to lower cholesterol:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20849681

Ginseng subtype Essential Oil found to lower cholesterol:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19746846

Dill Essential Oil found to lower cholesterol:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18058989 , http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11409638

Garlic Essential oil found to lower cholesterol:  In 1998, studies at Penn State identified a group of chemicals in garlic that reduce the production of cholesterol by your liver. These tests showed that fresh garlic and aged garlic were both effective at reducing LDL cholesterol levels http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17594659

Cumin found to decrease Cholesterol level:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12722128

Evening Primrose oil to reduce cholesterol levels:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10462081

I could go on and on citing government studies, but you get the picture.

Lets move on to the pure, organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Products Young Living offers that address high cholesterol.

OmegaGize™  Product Summary:

OmegaGize³™ combines the power of three core daily supplements-omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D-3, and CoQ10 (ubiquinone). These supplements combine with our proprietary enhancement essential oil blend to create an omega-3, DHA-rich fish oil supplement that may support general wellness. Used daily these ingredients work synergistically to support normal brain, heart, eye, and joint health.*

Ingredients: Fish Oil, Rice Tocotrienols, Clove EO (Syzygium aromaticum), CoQ10 Kaneka™, German Chamomile EO (Matricaria recutita), Spearmint EO (Mentha spicata), Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol), Mixed Carotenoids, Other ingredients: Gelatin (tilapia), Silicon Dioxide, purified water

Product Story

There are good fats and bad fats. Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish oil are among the best good fats. Volumes of research confirm that omega-3 fats reduce systemic-inflammation and support  cardiovascular, joint, eye and brain health.* While eating more fish is one way to consume these essential fatty acids, it is important to note that fish is often polluted with mercury and other toxins. A great alternative to fish is to supplement daily with Omega Blue. Not only does this product provide a clinically proven dose of pure, un-concentrated fish oil, it is free from mercury and other toxins. In addition to high-quality  fish oils, Omega Blue contains our proprietary Omega Enhance essential oil blend with legendary blue (German) chamomile and myrrh oil to support a healthy inflammatory response.* Lemongrass oil provides cardiovascular protection and supports healthy cholesterol levels, while clove and myrrh oil provide added antioxidant support.* The Omega Enhance blend strengthens omega-3 fats and makes OmegaGize at least ten times more stable than other fish oils. What’s more, a Precision Delivery coating triples omega- 3 absorption by releasing these stable, bioactive nutrients directly in the intestines.

Primary Benefits

+ Omega-3 fats offer unparalleled support for healthy heart, circulatory, eye, brain, and joint function.*

+ Studies show that fish oil is helpful in alleviating skin, respiratory, and autoimmune disorders.*

+ Clove oil is nature’s strongest antioxidant and richest source of eugenol.** Research indicates that clove protects fish oil to ensure freshness and prevent rancidity.

+ Precision Delivery softgels release fish oil in the intestines for three times more absorption and no aftertaste. **As measured by ORAC testing.

NingXia Red ® Antioxidant Juice

Is a naturally delicious, nutrient-infused wolfberry drink that will energize, fortify, and replenish your body. Rich in wide-spectrum antioxidant activity, NingXia Red has the highest levels of naturally occurring, age-defying S-ORAC activity to help support immune function, cardiovascular health, and nourish the eyes. NingXia Red also contains lemon and orange essential oils rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene to promote healthy liver function. Ningxia wolfberry, the primary ingredient in NingXia Red, has been cherished for centuries for its health, energy, and longevity benefits. Whole Ningxia wolfberries and other nutrient-dense fruit juices, like blueberry and pomegranate, make NingXia Red the perfect choice for optimizing wellness and stepping up to a whole new level of health.

The NingXia Red Promise
NingXia Red combines the finest Ningxia wolfberries, proprietary “Nutrient-Guard” preparation, and other all-natural, nutrient-dense ingredients to provide:

  • Dynamic energy and stamina without harmful stimulants (e.g., caffeine, green tea, etc.)
  • Key glyconutrients that fuel vital energy systems
  • Unique protein-polysaccharides that help sustain proper immune function
  • Highest levels of naturally occurring, age defying S-ORAC activity
  • Great taste with no sugary “junk-juices” (e.g., apple, white grape, pear, etc.)

Essential nutrients in NingXia Red also help support the following: Normal cardiovascular function, normal eye health, normal cell growth, and healthy liver function.

Lipozyme™ ingredients form a powerful, fat-digesting complex that aids digestion and enhances absorption of nutrients.* In today’s world, we often bombard our bodies with greater amounts of dietary fats than our bodies can comfortably handle. Lipozyme provides an effective means of promoting proper digestion so that nutrients can be utilized.*

Cleansing Trio does wonders to help clean the digestive system, using JuvaTone after your cleaning treatment is very effective for High Cholesterol.

Effects of Essential Oil on Lipid Peroxidation and Lipid Metabolism in Patients with Chronic Bronchitis

Author: S. A. Siurin

Journal: Klinicheskaia Meditsina, 75(10):43-5 (1997)

Location: Scientific Group NII of Pulmonology, Monchegorsk, Russia.

Lavender Essential Oil

Aids in normalizing lipid levels. Abstract: Essential oils were tested in 150 patients with chronic bronchitis for their effects on lipid peroxidation and lipid metabolism. Essential oils of rosemary, basil, fir, eucalyptus, and lavender were found to have antioxidant effect and lavender was found to normalize lipid levels. 11. Effect of Essential Oils on the Course of Experimental Atherosclerosis.

Author: V. V. Nikolaevskii, N. S. Kononova, A. I. Pertsoviskii, I.F. Shinkarchuk

Journal: Patologicheskaia Fiziologiia i Eksperi men talnaia Terapiia (5):52-3 (Sep-Oct 1990)

Conclusion: Inhalation of lavender and monarda essential oils reduces cholesterol content in the aorta of rabbits, providing an angioprotective effect.

Abstract: Lavender, monarda, and basil essential oils were tested in rabbits for their effect on atherosclerosis. When inhaled, lavender and mon arda essential oils did not affect blood cholesterol content, but reduced cholesterol content in the aorta. These oils provide a heart-protective effect.

A naturally sweet, indigestible fiber derived from chicory roots, FOS (fructooligosaccharides) are one of the best-documented, natural nutrients for promoting the growth of Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria bacteria, a key to sound health. FOS has also been clinically studied for its ability to increase magnesium and calcium absorption, lower blood glucose, cholesterol, and LDL levels, and to inhibit production of the reductase enzymes that can contribute to cancer. Because FOS can increase magnesium absorption, it can also lead to lowered blood pressure and better cardiovascular health.


JuvaTone is a special herbal complex designed to support the liver. The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. It purifies the blood and is a key to converting carbohydrates to energy. An overtaxed liver may affect our energy, digestion, and skin. Fats and bile within the liver can easily become oversaturated with oil-soluble toxins, synthetic chemicals, and heavy metals. As toxins build, the liver becomes taxed and stressed, resulting in aggravating skin conditions, rashes, fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, digestive disturbances, pallor, dizziness, irritability, mood swings, and mental confusion. The liver also plays a major role in helping the body detoxify. The final products of digestion are transported through the portal vein from the colon to the liver to be cleansed.  Choline bitartrate has been used in the treatment of many liver disorders, including elevated cholesterol levels, viral hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

Omega Enhance Essential Oil Blend, containing: • Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) –enhances OmegaGize’s cardiovascular protection by helping to maintain normal, healthy levels of cholesterol.

FIRST RECOMMENDATIONS:  Lemongrass, Omega Blue Softgels, Essentialzyme.  Single Oils: Rosemary, clove, German and Roman chamomile, spikenard Blends:

Aroma Life, Longevity Cholesterol reducing blend: 1. 4 drops rosemary 2. 5 drops Roman chamomile 3. 3 drops helichrysum 4. 5 drops lemongrass

EO APPLICATION METHODS:  Topical:  NEAT or DILUTE 50:50 if needed, 2-4 drops at pulse points where arteries are close to the surface (wrists, inside elbows, base of throat), 2-3 times daily. Also rub 6-10 drops along spine 3 times daily

BODY MASSAGE, 2 times weekly

Ingestion:   CAPSULE, 00 size, 3 times daily RICE MILK, 1-2 times daily

DIETARY SUPPLEMENTATION:  CardiaCare, JuvaPower/Spice, Multi Greens, Super C Chewable, Super Cal, Longevity Softgels, ICP, Polyzyme, Balance Complete, True Source Multivitamins Supplementation regimens:

1. Do a colon and liver cleanse using ICP/ComorTone/Essentialzyme, JuvaTone, JuvaPower/Spice, JuvaFlex and JuvaCleanse. JuvaTone is particularly useful for high cholesterol.

2. Magnesium acts as a smooth muscle relaxant and supports the cardiovascular system. It acts as a natural calcium channel blocker for the heart, lowering blood pressure and dilating the heart blood vessels (Dr. T. Friedmann). Mineral Essence and Mega Cal are good sources of magnesium.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia):  Medical Properties: Antiseptic, anti-fungal, analgesic, anti-tumoral, anticonvulsant, vasodilating, relaxant, anti-inflammatory, reduces blood fat/cholesterol, combats excess sebum on skin USES: Respiratory infections, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, menstrual problems/PMS, skin conditions (perinial repair, acne, eczema, psoriasis, scarring stretch marks), burns, hair loss, insomnia, nervous tension

Super B Super B is a comprehensive source of the B vitamins essential for good health, including, thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid, and PABA. It also includes minerals that aid the assimilation and metabolism of B vitamins.  Niacin is essential for turning carbo hydrates into energy. It lowers cholesterol and helps regulate blood sugar. At least 4.4 mg are needed for every 1,000 calories consumed to avoid pellagra.

Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) improves circulation and reduces blood viscosity. It is anticoagulant, regulates cholesterol, stimulates liver cell function, and reduces plaque deposits from the veins and arteries.

CardiaCare:  Nutritionally strengthens and supports the heart and cardiovascular system.

EndoGize A daily supplement expressly formulated to support and maintain a healthy and balanced endocrine system in women.  Contains many ingredients, including but not limited to Phosphatidylcholine, which makes cholesterol more soluble and less able to cause hardening of the arteries.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) reduces indigestion and helps regulate cholesterol. It is also antifungal, antiparasitic, antibacterial and helps cleanse the liver.

Grapefruit Essential Oil:  Israeli scientists may have discovered an effective new way to treat high cholesterol and diabetes naturally. Dr. Yaakov Nahmias from the Benin School of Engineering and Computer Science at Hebrew University and his colleagues have discovered that naringenin, a molecule in grapefruits that gives the fruit its bitter taste, can help to treat arteriosclerosis, hyper-metabolism, and even diabetes.  The study, which was recently published in the journal PLoS One, explains that when a highly-bioavailable ‘nano-complex’ of naringenin is consumed just before a meal that is high in fat and sugar, it can reduce the development of bad cholesterol by roughly 42 percent, and actually increase insulin sensitivity by 64 percent.

As you can see, Young living offers many natural alternative Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil products that promote lowering your cholesterol, along with a healthier lifestyle and food choices.  If you choose to go through the fast food drive through a few times a week, I suspect not much will help you lower your cholesterol, whether you’re taking a prescription or using a natural product.  Essential Oils do not come with a laundry list of side effects like cholesterol lowering prescriptions do!

I find it very interesting that our government has published well over 300 studies on using Essential Oils to lower cholesterol with positive outcomes.  I find this funny because they are using dried herbs in their studies,  not pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  Can you imagine how many more positive studies they would have if they were using Young living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, the real deal, instead of dried herbs with very little essential oil left in them?  I feel positive that they manipulate their results to continue to support the pharmaceutical industry, as no one in any part of our government wants to see the big pharmaceutical companies go broke.

I apologize for the length of these 3 cholesterol articles.  I wanted to give you all the information possible so that you can make a well-informed choice when deciding what to do about your high cholesterol.

Tammy Baile, Young Living Essential Oil Distributor, New JerseyTammy Baile Young Living Essential Oils Distributor # 1156558 I'm looking forward to helping you get "on with living" in a happy, healthy, chemical and pain-free way as I, my family and our pets have. Contact Tammy Order essential oils and wellness products here!

About Tammy Baile

For the first time in years I awake refreshed and ready to start the day. I no longer awake feeling like I've already run the Boston Marathon and dreading getting out of bed,  hobbling to the coffee pot.  Make no mistake, I don't run to the coffee pot, but now I can walk upright, without pain or with minimal managable pain, instead of walking hunched over holding onto the walls to get me there.  I'm currently using many different Young Living Essential Oils for aromatherapy as well as a holistic organic alternative treatments. My personal history has been grounded in medicine for the last 29 years, since the age of 20.  Before I became disabled with Systemic Lupus (SLE), I was a nurse, paramedic & EMT.  After a severe cervical spine issue resulting in a spinal fusion with a full Titanium shoulder,  I took my vast wealth of knowledge in medicine,  became a Medical Paralegal, where I worked until my Systemic Lupus became so severe that I am now permanently disabled for the last 11 years.  I live at the beautiful Jersey Shore,  as a single mom of a wonderful supportive 12 year old daughter. The Thieves products have also been a godsend for me.  I love using a "green" cleaner   that actually works!  We use the Thieves household cleaner for every cleaning job in our house now including mold, and the Thieves waterless hand sanatizer is with me at all times.  I have used the Thieves foaming hand soap and Thieves Essential Oil  to clean and subsequently heal severe cuts, lacerations and puncture wounds in our horse that everyone told me would require a vet visit, stitches & antibiotics.  No stitches or antibiotics were needed for our horse.  I've also successfully managed the horses hoof Thrush with Thieves foaming hand soap.  The Thrush was completely gone after just one application. I hope my articles, knowledge, experiences, and tips provide a wealth of information for you and your family on your wellness path. Contact me if you have questions or need assistance ordering. Order Here!

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