Aromatherapy Bed Linen Spray

While going about your daily household tasks you’ve probably stopped to consider the effects of artificial flavoring in foods or the synthetic compounds in your household cleaner. More than likely you’ve wondered if these mystery ingredients are even safe to use in your home.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils can eliminate these concerns when you incorporate them into your daily household routine. Replacing man-made synthetics with natural, plant-based essential oils removes questionable ingredients from your home and adds countless benefits.

It may not be possible or cost effective to avoid all of these chemicals in your cleaning and personal care products, but there are plenty of ways to reduce your family’s exposure to them. Using therapeutic-grade essential oils, to make your own aromatherapy bed linen spray, is a safe, effective alternative to many store-bought scented products.

Some of the best and most popular essential oils for scenting linens:

  • Thieves (essential oil #3423, or Thieves Spray #3266) – spicy clean scent, antibacterial
  • Citrus Fresh (#3318) – fresh citrus scent, antiseptic
  • Peace & Calming (#3393) – soothing and relaxing to emotions
  • Purification (#3399) – clean scent, disinfecting
  • Lavender (#3575) – relaxing floral scent, will help lull you to sleep, antiseptic
  • Sensation (#3420) – relaxing and romantic scent
  • Eucalyptus polybractea (#3537) – fresh sharp scent, supports respiratory system
  • Spruce (#3641) – a fresh pine scent, helpful to respiratory system, antiseptic
  • Lemon (#3578) – fresh uplifting scent, antibacterial
  • Lemongrass (#35810 – slight citrus, very clean scent, antibacterial
  • Grapefruit (#3560) – fresh, sweet, zesty, uplifting scent
  • White Angelica (#3432) – protection and feelings of security, guards against negative energy
  • Transformation (#3646) – helps with replacing negative beliefs, uplifting attitude
  • Surrender (#3424) – helps with casting off limiting inhibitions
  • Peace & Calming (#3393) – encourages deep relaxation, promotes restful sleep
  • Release (#3408) – helps let go of anger, restores harmony and balance

“Every time I change the linens on my bed, I spray Thieves® Spray generously and evenly on the mattress and the pillows. I feel that this leaves the bedding fresh smelling and free of those tiny things we can’t see. Sometimes I will also give the sheets and pillows a quick spray when making the bed. This keeps my sleeping area fresh between changing. I just love the smell of Thieves Spray!” ~ Pam J.

How to Make Your Own Bed Linen Spray

  • 4oz. spray bottle
  • 10-15 drops of your chosen Young Living essential oil (see good ideas above)
  • Water

Fill spray bottle 7/8 full with water, add essential oil, shake, lightly spray bed linens when making the bed.

I enjoy spritzing my bed linens every morning when making the bed. Climbing into bed at night smells so nice and fresh!

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