Essential Oil Uses A-Z-Acne and Age Spots

In the next several weeks I will be writing articles on the many, many ways essential oils may be used for physical, mental, spiritual, emotional well-being, for ourselves, those around us, our animals, and also for keeping our homes clean and us safe, by using non toxic chemicals.

So let me get started.


Our skin is our armor and the largest absorbent organ of the body. Protecting the skin environment is essential. Many chemical molecules are too large to be absorbed and lay on the surface of the skin, causing irritation, resulting in rashes, itching, blemishes, flaky and dry skin, dandruff, and allergies.

Essential oils are soluble through lipids in the skin and are easily absorbed. Many skin conditions may be related to dysfunctions of the liver. It may be necessary to cleanse, stimulate, and condition the liver and colon for 30 to 90 days before the skin begins to improve.

Acne results from an excess accumulation of dirt and sebum around the hair follicle and the pores of the skin. This accumulation may be due to an over-production of sebum, an oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands in the hair follicles. As the pores and hair follicles become congested, bacteria begins to feed on the sebum. This leads to inflammation and infection around the hair follicle and the formation of a pimple or a puss-filled blackhead.

One of the most common forms of acne, Acne vulgaris, occurs primarily in adolescents due to hormone imbalances, which stimulate the creation of sebum.

Acne in adults can be also be caused by hormone balances, as well as use of chlorinated compounds, endocrine system imbalances, or poor dietary practices. Heavy or greasy makeup can also contribute to acne.

Tips for Clearing Up Acne:

  • Eliminate dairy products, fried foods, chemical additives, and sugar from diet.
  • Avoid use of makeup or chlorinated water.
  • Avoid contact with plastics, which may exude estrogenic chemicals.
  • Topically apply essential oils such as tea tree to problem areas. Tea tree was shown to be equal to benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of acne, according to research published in the Medical Journal of Australia.40
  • Begin a cleansing program with the Cleansing Trio and Sulfurzyme.

Stress may also play a role. According to research conducted by Dr. Toyoda in Japan, acne and other skin problems are a direct result of physical and emotional stress.

Essential oils are outstanding for treating acne because of their ability to dissolve sebum, kill bacteria, and preserve the acid mantle of the skin. Because essential oils may be slightly drying to the skin when applied undiluted, it may be necessary to dilute them with a carrier oil or V6 Oil Complex or grape seed oil to keep the skin hydrated.

Single Oils:

Tea tree, geranium, vetiver, blue cypress, lavender, patchouli, German or Roman chamomile, rosewood, cedarwood, Eucalyptus radiata, orange, clove


Melrose, Thieves, Gentle Baby, Purification, JuvaFlex, Juva Cleanse


TOPICAL: NEAT or DILUTE 50-50 as required. Gently massage 3-5 drops into oily areas 1-3 times daily. Alternate oils daily for maximum effect.

Dietary Supplementation: Power Meal, Mineral Essence, Exodus, Super C, Super C Chewable, Stevia, MultiGreen, Cleansing Trio, and Wolfberry Crisp

To resolve acne caused by hormonal imbalance: Estro Tincture, Ultra Young, Progessence Cream .

Topical Treatment: Mint Satin Scrub, Ortho Ease, Melaleuca-Geranium Bar Soap, Lemon-Sandalwood Bar Soap.

Lemongrass may help clear acne and balances oily skin conditions. Lemongrass is the predominant ingredient in Morning Start Bath and Shower Gel, which can be used to balance the pH of the skin, decongest the lymphatics and stimulate circulation.

Essential oils that may help the skin:

To rejuvenate and heal skin:

  • Rosewood, to prevent and retard wrinkles
  • Lavender, spikenard, and myrrh to regenerate the skin
  • Geranium, helichrysum, and spikenard to restore skin elasticity
  • Rosewood, lavender
  • Ylang ylang with lavender to combat premature aging of the skin

Mix the following recipe into 1 tablespoon of high-grade, unperfumed skin lotion and apply on location twice daily.

  1. 6 drops rosewood
  2. 4 drops geranium
  3. 3 drops lavender
  4. 2 drops frankincense

Age Spots

Apply 2 to 4 drops of Idaho Tansy, plus 2 to 4 drops of carrier oil to location, daily. (Caution: Do not use if pregnant)

Thanks for taking the time to learn about essential oil therapy!!

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