Essential Oils for Lower Back Pain

I want to share my testimonial with those who are interested in the many ways therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used for wellness. Recently I moved and found myself lifting and carrying far more heavy items than I should have been. Low and behold, everything moved and unpacked, I picked up a heavy cooler… a few hours later I was in agony. My lower back, left side, and butt cheek muscle were in very bad pain. Rather than consult my Essential Oils Desk Reference or use the oils I normally would I went by my gut feeling and tried a different combination and had terrific results. Back pain.

The combination of Young Living Essential Oils I used:

6-8 drops Ginger essential oil
5-6 drops Jasmine essential oil
5-6 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil
1 tbsp. V-6 massage oil

Within 20 minutes the pain subsided nicely, enough so I could get up and do things again, I did avoid moving anything heavy. The next day the same essential oils were applied again and more pain disappeared. The third day, even though I really didn’t have much pain I still massaged the combination in again. By day 4 I was absolutely pain-free and back to doing my normal things again.

About one week later though I carried two very heavy large bags of trash out and the same spot on my lower back, left side right down to my butt cheek, began hurting badly again. Applying the same combination of oils again brought relief within 20 minutes. Following up the next two days again did the trick.

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About Evelyn Vincent

As a classical Feng Shui practitioner, Native Plant Landscaper, and Young Living Distributor, Evelyn brings a background of living naturally to her business. Also trained in Space Clearing and Labyrinth Design & Facilitation, her passion for balanced and harmonious living and lifestyle is an inspiration to others. Essential oils play a large role in creating surroundings of beauty and peace - from shifting stagnant energy to insect pests to cooking - the vitality of therapeutic oils and natural products helps restore the connection to self and nature. Please contact Evelyn if you have questions or need assistance.

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