How to Beat the Summertime Heat… my thoughts and a tip

There’s no doubt, this year has been a real scorcher. We’re not having a heat wave in the mountains of western NC right now, though I will say it’s damn hot in the direct sun. I see that the northeast is getting hit again and can’t help but think that as soon as it cools off up there we’ll get a heat wave down here (it happened last time there was one).

It’s during those scorching near or over 100 degree days that I sit here in front of my fan, or in the basement with my bare feet on the cool concrete floor thinking…

“…you know, it’s our own fault. It’s due to human selfishness, ignorance, stupidity, and greed that we’re in the mess we’re in! And it’s not likely to get any better unless all of us take drastic action right away.”

About five years ago I made some conscious choices based on things I was seeing and hearing, but mostly… it was my heart and gut speaking to me and saying, “do everything you can, as soon as you can!”

By that time I had long given up on buying and using things like paper towels and began using cloth napkins – they can be washed, hung on a clothesline to dry, and reused. I had also bought some very heavy canvas tote bags to use for shopping – I refused those trendy, pretty canvas totes because they just won’t hold up to years and years of use, I wanted bags that will last 15-20 years – not 1 or 2!

I traded in my pick-up truck for a Prius so I could get 50-60 mpg, instead of a piddly 10-15. And after purchasing the Prius I pulled out of the dealers lot and yelled out the window, “take that you oil so-and-so’s! I won’t be buying another car until they get 100 or more mpg!”

I never buy bottled water, instead I use a filter. And the only reason I own a filter is because I don’t have my own well – I can’t stand treated water, full of fluoride, chlorine, various chemicals, and now we know it’s also contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs – I won’t let my dog drink municipal tap water! And god knows what else is in the water!!!

“…you know, it’s our own fault…” (each and every one of us is to blame)

I look around at my apartment that really does need to be painted, it was painted poorly when we moved in and over the past 1 1/2 years all of the huge areas that were never painted prior to us moving in continue to grow a darker-yellowed shade of white. Sure I could buy some paint and spruce it up… but, my heart and gut chimes in and says…

“…are you going to continue to fall prey to the society and culture we live in where EVERYTHING is disposable and intentionally designed to be repaired or replaced every couple of years!?”

Yes, I really do have a tip to share with you about cooling down naturally – at the bottom of this article.

Little Houses of Horror

Then, I look around at the walls and say… “there is NO WAY I am going to allow myself to stay stuck in this ridiculous man-made cycle and continue contributing to the very thing that has gotten us to where we are right now!”

My thoughts then drift off to what would life in North America be like if instead of the Europeans pushing out the Native Americans… what would it be like IF our European first settlers came to this new land and actually approached the native way of life with more curiosity and open-mindedness. When they arrived our country was clean and filled with a people who knew respect, respect not only towards women… but for the earth itself.

Today we see Reservations and the people native to this land living in ovens (trailers and stick boxes), freezing in the winter and frying in the summer. I wonder why they too allowed themselves to fall into the trap we’re in. I’ve seen reproductions of some of the types of dwellings they lived in – I’ve stayed in some too. Their old ways of building were so much smarter than what we have today. A part of me wants to go onto the Reservation and say, “hey, let’s build y’all some houses, the kind your ancestors lived in and get rid of these stupid boxes that are extremely expensive buy and to maintain!” ¬†They may not be any warmer in winter, or cooler in summer, but at least they don’t cost a small fortune to build and maintain!

Planned Obsolescence

My printer, a an expensive one at that, broke down in less than a year after I got it. I refused to throw it out and buy a new one… as the electronics store worker suggested I do because they’re too expensive to repair. That was four years ago too, I still haven’t bought a new one, this one hasn’t been repaired and I’ve stopped printing things. The only reason I still have it is so I can scan images of products I sell so visitors to this blog can see what things look like. I chewed out the electronics guy a bit, telling him how there was NO WAY I was going to throw away something that SHOULD have a lifespan of 10-20 years! I’ve had a total of four printers over the past 9 years, all of them broke down. I’m not buying another one, ever!

I’m sure there have to be many out there who are getting fed up with everything being disposable, or more rightfully labeled… “planned obsolescence.” In case you don’t know what planned obsolescence means… it’s where higher up’s in companies literally discuss how cheaply they can make an item so that it breaks down fast, but only fast enough so that their customers still have brand loyalty. Pretty sick stuff, huh!?

A drive down any road in the USA sports yards and porches of stuff that is no longer used or valued, tons and tons of it. I hadn’t realized how bad it was until I drove across country 5 years ago from Pennsylvania to British Columbia for a 3 month long camping trip. The junk just laying around in people’s yards and porches was absolutely disgraceful. Stuff they paid a lot of money for at one point in time. It was particularly noticeable upon entering British Columbia and traveling around the Okanagan Valley where I never saw a single yard or porch littered with junk and stuff, no matter how wealthy or poor the neighborhood.

Companies spend millions and billions of dollars every year discussing new and proven ways to get us to part with our money for the privilage of owning their stuff. Kids and grown up’s alike, fall victim to the plague and darkness of consumerism to extremes which none of our past relatives ever imagined possible.

It’s Always Something New. They’ve got our number!

Betty Crocker nearly went out of business when they began trying to sell cake mixes in a box. People back then couldn’t imagine why in the world someone would want to buy such a thing when you could easily make a cake from scratch yourself – if you haven’t had real cake from scratch you have no idea what you’re missing, it’s the best!

Heating and Cooling

Outside of what’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico there are two other industries that have a way of, shall we say… manipulating us… in such ways that I can’t even describe how they make me feel. One is the “Clean Coal” industry, if you believe it’s clean then you’ll also believe I am the Easter Bunny and I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. The filth, destruction, and hazards to us all and nature too is so appalling that they should be fined millions for false advertising! Check it out

And don’t forget… all of the ‘stuff’ that companies spend billions on selling to us it too has huge ties to fossil fuels – they ll use fossil fuels in enormous amounts in both production and in getting it to us.

Remember when companies used to be fined for false advertising? Remember when it was deregulated so companies would have more freedom to b-e-n-d the truth or include mystery ingredients in things like hot dogs, chicken nuggets to name only two.

When Water Catches on Fire and Hell is No longer Frozen Over

The other industry that’s right in line with these two is natural gas. There’s a film, GASLAND… I really do believe that if everyone in this country knew the truth about what’s going on they would DEMAND that all use of fossil fuels be stopped immediately for numerous reasons! The film is about when filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, and he embarks on a cross-country odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination. A recently drilled nearby Pennsylvania town reports that residents are able to light their drinking water on fire. This is just one of the many absurd and astonishing revelations. Check it out for yourself

There are also lakes in Siberia that are some 3 feet thick in ice, and the ice can also be ignited with a match, it flares up quite high and actually burns as if it were a torch, seriously! The permafrost is melting and methane gas gets trapped in the ice, the methane is released into the lakes and atmosphere as the permafrost thaws in these normally frozen over places. Methane gas is 23% worse for our atmosphere than carbon emissions emitted from fossil fuel usage.

When Enough is Enough

Did you know… the earth can crack when they drill for natural gas and other deep water drilling? It certainly can and HAS occurred, four years ago. The disastrous result is a “Mud Valcano” in Indonesia. It’s covered a nearby town in some 20 feet of mud and continues to spread, they cannot stop it, they don’t know how.

I think blasting the oil disaster in the Gulf is the worst idea imaginable. It’s highly unlikely that putting a bomb in and/or around it will ‘seal’ off the gushing – I pray they don’t use that as an option. I think bombing it will open up a whole new can of worms, I can’t even believe they think that’s a realistic option!

When Our Food Makes Us Sick

The other company that severely gets on my nerves is Monsanto. How dare they do what they’re doing! How dare ‘we’ allow them to make frankinfoods. We deserve to be the sickest country in the modern world, which the US is currently. But we would never know that based on the lies and manipulations that are fed to us thousands of times daily in advertising. Here’s a bit of what we all need to know.

Hidden Sources of MSG
Can Nutrition Effect Behavior?

Light Bulbs: shining a light on THEM!

Another one that’s sugar-coated is these compact fluorescent light bulbs. They’re horrible for us to be around, use, and they are terrible for the environment! Did you know when they burn out they’re suppose to be handled by ‘us’ in a specific way, so says the EPA! There’s a lot I didn’t know about them until I looked into it further for an article I wrote, read it here. They are light years away from being a safe and ‘Green’ product!

Black Rock layers and Global Warming

Geologists know very well, and so should we, that global warming has occurred before. In the past though, it has happened from natural causes, not by humans. This un-natural warming of the earth’s temperature’s from our emissions of carbon might already be beyond the point of no return.

When geologists look at ancient rock layers they find bands of a blackish colored rock all around the world. These bands are when natural global disasters occurred – it’s a layer of carbon (black) of all the decomposed and compressed plants and animals that went extinct. Every time they date one of these layers it coincides with global warming and mass extinction. When one of these events occur it takes the earth millions of years to return to balance and so that it’s habitable for living things as we know them.

I don’t want ‘us’ to be the cause of the next global warming disaster. I also don’t want ‘us’ to be the next ‘black’ layer on earths crust. But it is going to take the efforts of all of us to try to get out of the pickle we’re in – each and every one of us are going to have to do a hell of a lot more than manufacturing and buying ‘Green’ products!

Our oceans have been stagnant before during previous global warming events. Devoid of all life. Devoid of the Gulf Stream. Our oceans need the proper mix of super cold water and warm water for them to circulate. Greenland is only one of many that are melting away.

As the years pass and I observe what’s going on with us and the weather, I know I cannot be the only one thinking… “the weather is VERY odd, it’s not normal at all.”

The best way to stay cool during a heat wave and be ‘Green’?

Take a 4oz. spray bottle and fill it with pure water, then add 2 drops of Peppermint essential oil (I only use and recommend the Young Living brand of essential oils because they are from sustainable farms and are the best organic, 100% pure essential oils I’ve found.) Give the back of your neck and your back, legs and feet a spritz every so often.

What if you want to be living more consciously and don’t want to buy or use a spray bottle, simple… take a bowl, fill it half way with water, add a drop of Young Living’s Peppermint essential oil and dunk a wash cloth in it, wring it out, then dab the wash cloth on the back of your neck, your legs, and the bottoms of your feet.

Take a cool glass of pure water and add “one” drop of Young Living Peppermint essential oil to a glass of water. Note: do NOT do this with other brands as they are adulterated and not pure enough for ingesting.

Peppermint has a cooling effect on the body.

Note: I do NOT use or recommend Peppermint for sunburns, burns, or open wounds, for situations like that Lavender Cooling Mist is a far wiser choice.

What’s the Answer to this mess we’re in Olly?

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Become informed. Think before buying anything. Wait 24 to 48 hours before making purchases of things. Go way beyond recycling. Think about the solutions our ancestors used and adopt the ones that make the most sense. Walk or ride a bike instead of driving, or better yet live closer to your work and get rid of the car (keep track of how much it costs to have a car, you will be surprised!) Demand a fossil fuel free lifestyle. Don’t get sucked in by advertising. Learn how to live with less – it’s great if you have a lot and feel depressed – imagine a prescription reading “de-clutter your house and life daily.” Appreciate the natural things and all life on earth. Have a garden. Buy produce in-season and locally.

Learn how to use essential oils to replace dozens of commonly used and products used daily. We have loads of articles in this blog and on our website – you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to whip up your own products at home, they are super easy, extremely inexpense compared to their conventional counterparts, they’re nontoxic, chemical-free, they kill germs, and smell amazing!

I began using essential oils about 25 years ago to replace all household cleaning products I am so glad I did, so glad in fact that I will never again want to or need to buy cleaning products again. I also use my essential oils in place of all first aid products too (except for bandages).

There is so much more we can be doing that we’re not. I’ve only touched the surface of this enormous and important topic. Please share this article with others, Tweet it, post it to your FaceBook page and help others who don’t know how serious this topic is. Encourage yourself and others to do more and go further than anything you might expect.

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