Sulfurzyme: helps to heal and protect cells, immune support, muscle and joint discomforts

Sulfurzyme, from Young Living Essential Oils, is a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur needed by our bodies every day to maintain the structure of proteins, protect cells and cell membranes, replenish the connections between cells, and preserve the molecular framework of connective tissue.*

Sulfurzyme is a unique combination of methylsul fonylmethane (MSM), the protein-building compound found in breast milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, and Ningxia wolfberry (Lycium barbarum). Together, they create a new concept in balancing the immune system and supporting almost every major function of the body. Of particular importance is the ability of MSM to equalize water pressure inside of the cells–a considerable benefit for those plagued with bursitis, arthritis, and tendonitis.

Sulfurzyme Contains

  • MSM (Methylsulfonymethane) is a special organic sulfur that combats autoimmune diseases including arthritis, asthma, lupus, and scleroderma. MSM is critical to proper skin, hair, and liver health. MSM is the subject of a bestselling book, The Miracle of MSM, The Natural Solution for Pain, authored by UCLA neuropsychiatrist Ronald Lawrence M.D., Ph.D., and Stanley Jacob, M.D.
  • Ningxia wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) fruit contains minerals and coenzymes to support sulfur metabolism. Ningxia wolfberry supplies nutrients to enhance the proper assimilation and metabolism of sulfur.
  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are one of the best documented natural nutrients for promoting the growth of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, the linchpin of sound health. FOS has also been clinically studied for its ability to increase magnesium and calcium absorption, lower blood glucose, cholesterol, and LDL levels, and to inhibit production of the reductase enzymes that can contribute to cancer. Because FOS may increase magnesium absorption, it may also lead to lowered blood pressure and better cardiovascular health. In addition, FOS also has another benefit – it has a naturally sweet taste. More on FOS for gut and colon health.

  • Sterioside (Stevia rebaudiana)

How to Use Sulfurzyme

Capsules: Take 2 capsules two times daily one hour before or after meals.

Powder: Take 1/2 teaspoon with distilled water two times daily one hour before or after meals

Companion Products:

BLM (more on BLM), Super Cal, Essentialzyme, Ortho Ease, PanAway essential oil (more on PanAway), and Mega Cal

Sulfurzyme Testimonials

Disc Issue

“I second what Vicky suggested on the Raindrop oils. Idaho Balsam Fir and Regenolone/Neurogen creams will help his tissues heal. I had 2 discs in my back that were smashed and dried out due to scoliosis. After 3 years of daily BLM (6 spread thru out the day) (more on BLM), Sulfurzyme (same dose as BLM), MultiGreens and NingXia Red juice (more on NingXia Red), my osteopath was ASTOUNDED to see on my MRI that the discs had returned to as he said “a round juicy healthy state”.

I know it was due to the oils but also, a serious commitment to take BLM and Sulfurzyme religiously, every single day, no matter what. Seeing with my own eyes the changes in these discs made me a lifelong believer in the quality of all the YL products. This young man will need to make his healing a priority, take the supplements and use the oils and cremes that will truly help him heal.

Some people are willing to commit to a healing regime and others are not – so share all you can with him and be sure to say healing of discs takes time. Also, walking backwards daily is great for our discs, drinking half his body weight in ounces of water, exercise (walking is excellent for our backs) and staying alkaline in addition to cleansing will all be part of this healing. Good luck and hope he has great results. Take care,” ~ Rachel C.

Sulfurzyme for Rotator Cuff

“I had a problem with my rotator cuff 13 years ago. The oils helped some but I was discouraged. One day I cornered Gary Young and asked him what I could do. He said,  ”there are products to help you and your challenge is to study and figure it out.”

I took him at his word and started to study and experiment with other products that I had not used. Back then we did not have much to ‘really’ study, so we experimented.

I found what helped me:

Valor rubbed over my shoulder…..followed by Clove. I did this several times a day. Then when Young Living introduced Sulfurzyme I added that product and use it faithfully everyday. 3 teaspoons spaced through out the day.

Today I have no pain and I can raise my arm with no distress or discomfort. In fact I attribute Sulfurzyme a ‘Magic Bullet’ product for joint pain. Today I have added BLM too (more on BLM).

My suggestion is for all of us to keep experimenting and trying new products.

Remember our body chemistry are all different. Respectfully,” ~ Shauna D.

Fractured Ankle

“On 1/26/05 I fractured my right ankle in a fall at work. To make a very long story short, I did not use any drugs, only YL oils and supplements and was back to work in three weeks, using only one crutch as a support for one week and back to my yoga practice in one month. The oils I initially used were PanAway, Idaho Balsam, Lemongrass and Peppermint, every day at least 3 times day for the pain and inflammation.

Once I was walking comfortably, I then rotated Lemongrass every day with Lavender and Marjoram for support and healing of the ligaments and tendons.

At this point I added NeuroGen [no longer available] figuring that there the nerves has also been compromised. The NeuroGen felt wonderful, was immediately cooling, you could just feel it working. From the beginning I was drinking NingXia Red juice (more on NingXia Red), taking BLM (more on BLM) and Sulfurzyme daily according to the label directions.

I have had total healing and only occasionally get a slight twinge of discomfort probably from overdoing. The orthopedic surgeon was not in the least impressed with the oils and told me that it would take at least 8 weeks for a total healing. I knew that I would prove him wrong. He did though prescribe physical therapy, which did help with restoring flexibility. I brought my oils and NeuroGen with me to the therapists, both of whom found the oils amazing. I was told on my last day of therapy that I was the first person they had ever seen in their center to heal so quickly from this kind of injury. I owe it all the YL oils and Gary Young. I would not hesitate to use the supplements. And since I am several years older than you, I can safely say that the healing has been amazing. It would be difficult to say what worked best for me. I believe it was the combination of oils and supplements that I chose that worked best for me synergistically. Good luck,” ~ Jo Ann

Fibromyalgia and Sulfurzyme

“I have received many questions lately about Sulfurzyme, so wanted to share the following information. I think it is one of Young Living’s finest products for pain!

Have used it more than nine years now… to assist with the pain I used to have from Fibromyalgia. Have been pain free on the maintenance dosage for years. Blessings,” ~ Catherine

Sulfurzyme for Pain After Accident

“I have been using the Sulfurzyme for over a year now with great results. I was in an automobile accident and suffered neck and low back injuries. I used a cane any time I was out of the house and sometime when home as well.

Some days were so bad that I used a walker. I have been brought to my knees in extreme pain and put in a wheel chair to get to the dr. Since I have been on the Sulfurzyme I have not used even the cane except for very occasionally. I believe the Sulfurzyme is doing the trick! I have much less pain, my nails are stronger and my hair is thick and full! I love this stuff!” ~ Blessings, Pam

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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    Can I take Sulfurzyme if I have a stent and take an aspirin every day (to thinner blood)?

    Thank you for your reply.

    Hello Oksana,
    Those are question you need to ask your doctor or pharmacist as they know more about your situation and can provide advice.
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