5 Ways to Deal With Grief or Sorrow

Grief and sorrow come to all of us at sometime in our lives.  They are not times we care to experience or to wish upon others, but it is inevitable that we will experience awful times of sorrow and grief. To be able to get through these powerful feelings and emotions can be very difficult and even more difficult for others.

5 Ways to deal with grief or sorrow:

  1. Talk to family or friends. Reach out to them, by calling them. It can be difficult to pick up the phone, but it is important for you to be able to have someone to talk to.  If you don’t have someone, call a church or a hospital to find out about support groups.  Yes, it is easier to be alone, and that is OK, but not all of the time.  We do need someone to talk with, or to listen to.
  2. Read self help books or inspirational books that relate to what you are going through. Or listen to them on tape, if you are having a hard time focusing. Listening to the words can be a great help too.  Sometimes this can be a much easier way to take in the helpful words.  We may be able to comprehend better than when we read, because when we are in a deep place of grief it can be difficult to focus on words.
  3. Getting out in nature, going for walks, or even for drives to pretty places, can help us to reflect on the beauty around us and remind us of other blessings in our lives. Remember if you are able to go for walks to breath in the fresh air.  Fresh air is invigorating, intoxicating and down right good for our body and well being.Raindrop Technique Essential Oils collection.
  4. Aromatherapy is natural way of achieving optimal emotional and physical health. The fragrance of an essential oil can directly affect everything from your emotional state to your lifespan. Thus, a therapeutic essential oil can affect our feelings and thoughts because smell is our most emotional sense. Scent stimulates nerves to fire in the emotional center of the brain, but it also stimulates the master gland to release hormones. Hormones affect the fight/flight response, as well as digestion and heart rate. In this way, essential oils can affect us in many ways all at once, just through their fragrance.  Aromatherapy is a very positive way that may help to heal from emotional pain.*
  5. Raindrop Technique utilizing emotional essential oil blends of therapeutic-grade essential oils, could also be an excellent way to move to healing from grief and sorrow.  Raindrop Technique is a simple practice that can be learned and may be very beneficial for emotional healing and physical healing. (Read Raindrop Technique for Mind, Body and Soul)*

Young Living pure therapeutic essential oils for Grief and Sorrow:

Single Oils: Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus globulus, Juniper, Lavender.

Blends: Joy, Awaken, Valor, Release, Trauma Life, Gathering, Harmony, Present Time, Magnify Your Purpose.

Any of these essential oils can be:

  • Inhaled directly from the bottle.
  • Diffused (Read more on diffusing)
  • Applied topically (2 drops essential oil to 1 teaspoon V-6)
  • Or used in massage or Raindrop Technique.

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Contributed by Jonell

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Deal With Grief or Sorrow

  1. March 20, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Jonell, I totally agree with you that “To achieve optimal emotional well being does not come without work. It takes dedication, will, and belief that it is attainable.” So many times I find that adults still believe that healing will happen magically. As my mentor says “God heals, you work, I help.” That being said, essential oils do bring inmense help in this journey. I remember the first time I realized this: I was in the midst of emotional turmoil of the breakup of my first marriage, and the death of my pet cats. I was devastated and my doctor thought I was depressed (wrong, I was deep in grief and shock). I had half-heartedly toyed with Aromatherapy, but my heart was not in it. In fact, my heart wasn’t in anything! One day, I decided to mix Vetiver and Lemon Essential Oils in a what the heck attitude, besides, Vetiver is usually not mentioned among the grief – sadness and depression oils. The centering and uplifting effect was immediate, allowing me to start therapy, and to use the Energy Psychology tools that I had not felt up to. To this day, Vetiver and Lemon remains my favorite centering and uplifiting blend.

    1. September 14, 2010 at 3:04 pm

      I was checking back in my computer and wanted to see how you are doing. You commented on my 5 Ways to Deal With Grief article. I pray that all is going wonderfully for you. Blessings to you. Jonell

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