How Much Does it Cost to Join Young Living

Many don’t really know how Young Living works or they think that it works the same way as other companies when it comes to ordering, becoming a member, and becoming a distributor. In this article I’d like to dispel some of the confusion and misinformation so that you can make a more informed choice based on facts.

Becoming a member is very much the same as becoming a member of Sam’s Club or Cosco, with one big difference, you do NOT have to pay a yearly membership fee. As a matter of fact, there is no cost at all, other than the price of the products, unless you want to become a wholesale customer or a distributor.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Young living

The cost depends on which customer type you choose. I want you to select the option that is best for your needs. Here is the skinny on each:

As a “Customer” (retail) - it costs nothing except for the cost of the product(s) you want to buy, plus  tax/shipping.

Do NOT select this customer type if you want wholesale pricing, you will not get wholesale pricing if you select this customer type (even if you do purchase a Start Living kit, read below “Wholesale Customer.”)

As a “Wholesale” Customer (save 24%) – anyone can be a wholesale customer by purchasing one of the five “Start Living” kits which range in price from $40 to $300. You will save 24% off of retail on all orders, effective immediately. See the start Living kits at the bottom of this post.

To maintain your wholesale pricing the ONLY thing you are required to do is have at least one 50PV (about $50) purchase a year – this means you only have to buy about $50 worth of product a year to maintain your wholesale pricing – which is not much.

When you go to join up as a wholesale customer you will need to select the “Independent Distributor” customer type and purchase one of the five Start Living kits. If you do not do this you will not get wholesale pricing.

Note: the “wholesale” and “Distributor” membership types are combined for ease – you do not have to have a business and you do not have to make monthly orders unless ‘you’ want to, the choice is entirely yours. I do want to point out that if you do join Essential Rewards you will save more money, an additional 10% to 20%, read more about Essential Rewards below.

As a “Distributor” (save 24%) - anyone can be an Independent Distributor and have a home business and share Young Living with others. To do this you will purchase a “Start Living” kit, I recommend the Start Living with Everyday Oils or Start Living with Thieves kits as each contain a lot of nice product to experience. You will save 24% off of retail on all orders, effective immediately. See the Start Living kits at the bottom of this post.

Note: As a distributor you will have to be on Essential Rewards in order to get a commission check. Your monthly order would be a minimum of 100 PV (about $100, plus tax/shipping). You choose which ever combination of products you want each month, there are well over 400 to choose from, I’ve never heard anyone complain that they don’t know what to get because the selection is too limited, I only ever hear newbies say, “wow, there’s so much I want from Young Living that I don’t know where to begin!” If that’s the case with you, let me know, I can help you sort through what we have and your needs so you can get started with products that you will immediately start using.

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Very simply put… there is no cost… unless you want to be a wholesale customer or a distributor, in which case it’s a one-time $40 – $300 fee for a Start Living kit (shown at the bottom of this post); which by the way, they all come with product and a mail-in coupon worth $40 off on a diffuser.

As shown in this chart, you can see which requirements are necessary for each customer type. Young Living is quite reasonable and makes every effort to keep it easy for you to purchase and become the customer type that works best for ‘your’ needs.

11 Common Misunderstandings About Becoming a Member

1. You ‘have’ to buy products every month.


Buying products every month is completely optional unless you choose to be a distributor and get a commission check.

2. I have to buy products every month whether I want them or not.


We do NOT want you to buy products you do not need, ever. You order what you want, when you want – though I have to point out that you will save an additional 10% – 20% when you’re on the Essential Rewards program as a Wholesale Customer/Distributor.

3. If I become a wholesale customer I will have to sell and/or push my friends and family to buy products.


You can be a wholesale customer the rest of your life if you like, you never have to sell a thing ever. You also will NOT be pushed to sell anything, ever.

4. I have to buy ‘packs’ every month.


Unlike other companies, Young Living does NOT require you to buy packs every month. We do have a few very nice packs available that contain useful products most use daily, but no one is ever required to buy them – packs are 100% optional and ONLY available to those on the Essential Rewards program. If you are not a distributor you can buy when you want, whatever you want. Distributors only to need to be on Essential Rewards and have a minimum of 100PV a month and even they can buy any assortment of products they wish.

5. I have to buy the same things every month.


The product line is very extensive with well over 400 products to choose from. You are encouraged to buy whatever you want – always!

Even if you want to get the best pricing through being on the Essential Rewards program, by all means change your order every month – get your favorites that you’re running low on and try a new oil or essential oil enhanced supplement each month, it’s exciting and a terrific way to experience something new in your life regularly.

6. There are hidden costs and/or other things I need to pay for.


Which ever membership type you choose the price is the price, and that’s that. There are never any additional charges for anything ever.

7. Every year I will have to pay a membership fee.


There is no yearly membership fee for any of the customer types. If you want to be a wholesale customer or distributor there is a one-time purchase of a Start Living kit. Purchasing 50PV worth of product a year WILL maintain your wholesale pricing.

8. If I want to have a Young Living home business I will have to do cold calls and become a sales person.


Nothing could be further from the truth. We do not do telemarketing, nor do we push or pressure others to buy anything ever. We work from the principles of “Heart-Centered Sharing” – which does not include high-pressure sales pitches or making a list of 100 people you know and pushing them to buy products.

9. It will be costly to start-up as a distributor, I will need a lot of money to carry an inventory, and I will have to find a place to set up shop to sell the oils/products directly to people.


As a distributor, you are never required to carry an inventory, YL drop ships all orders for us. Some distributors might carry some items in limited quantities if they are doing health expo’s, but that’s optional (the least you need to do a show is to have some samples). Additionally, you do NOT have to have a store or a display in a shop.

How your customers will get the products: their order is drop shipped through FedEx (ground, 3-day, 2-day, Next-day are the options). I personally find this to be excellent, after over 35 years of having conventional retail and wholesale businesses it is a blessing that I do NOT have to have a small fortune tied up in inventory, space to house the inventory, space designated for shipping, and schlepping product around to retail locations, and driving all over delivering it to people (not that I don’t want to see people, just that it’s extremely expensive to be driving around these days and I’m into being efficient). Because I do not carry an inventory I never have to deal with additional bookkeeping or quarterly sales tax (both of which I hate doing) Young Living does all of that for us – that leaves me with more time to do the other things that I do enjoy!

10. I want to buy products without becoming a member of anything.

I’m not exactly sure what people are thinking when they make that statement. But I want you to know that it’s not like you’re joining something that will make demands on you personally or financially, it’s quite the contrary.

Actually what’s going on is this, because Young Living essential oils are used differently than your average aromatherapy oils the company wants to make sure that each customer has access to someone who can help them learn how to use the oils properly, this is why you never see Young Living oils sold in stores; the staff is not trained to help customers in that way.

Also, it is set up to eliminate the middleman. Yes, it is a Network Marketing company (not a pyramid, those are illegal – I do not participate in illegal activities) which allows people like you and me to have a home business and an income should one decide to become a distributor. This means that the cut, or percentage that normally goes to the middleman in the chain is given to the distributors for their work and efforts.

It’s a different way of splitting up the money so that it goes to distributors, rather than a corporation who provides a service in the chain of events.

I think people tend to forget that with everything we purchase everyone in the chain of events gets a cut – how else would people make an income? That is true in regards to every single thing that is sold everywhere, everyone gets a cut whether you buy products from Whole Foods, WalMart, Cosco, or popcorn at a movie theatre; there are people along that long line of hands items pass through that get a cut.

In the case where the product does not go through a long line of people, such as what we have here with YL; the products go through the company, then me, then into your hands. Like I said, it’s just a different way of distributing the percentage that normally goes to the middlemen along the way.

In short, the reason why a membership is necessary is so that when, let’s say… I meet you and you want to make a purchase with me then you become my customer. Each time after that when you make a purchase I get a commission for my efforts in assisting you and helping you to learn more about using our oils and products. You are assigned a member number as a means by which Young Living can keep track and sort through all of the customers to make sure that I am the one who gets the commissions instead of someone else. It’s not at all like you’re becoming a part of some strange and obnoxious community or anything like that.

11. I live in Canada and will have to pay additional fee’s and customers costs when ordering essential oils from the USA.


For all orders you place select the shipping method called “IGD” and the total on your purchase will be the price you pay, no additional expenses! Your order will usually arrive within 10 business days or less, unless you choose express shipping.

Also, as of March 2013, YL has opened a warehouse in Alberta, Canada. This means Canadian orders will be shipped from the new Canadian warehouse! More about the Canadian warehouse and a Canadian Essential Oil distributor to connect with.

12. I can get the same quality essential oils at my local health food store for less.


The reason essential oils would be cheaper than Young Living’s is ONLY because they are of much lesser quality. You can safely assume that you get what you pay for holds true. I have never been in any health food store, or shop for that matter, that sells any brand that even comes close to the same quality and I have been using essential oils for almost 30 years.

In terms of using essential oils, if you’re going to use them in the ways that we discuss you most certainly do NOT ever want to use a lesser quality essential oil.

You have no idea how bad the quality is in this industry. Which is precisely why I was over-joyed when I discovered Young Living over 10 years ago – I was sick and tired of spending a small fortune on adulterated and diluted essential oils that ALWAYS turned rancid in 6-8 months. People who buy cheaper essential oils are in reality spending 2 to 4 times as much on junk oils in the long run – like I was before I discovered YL.

As either a wholesale customer or distributor on Essential Rewards I am getting my superior quality oils (and products too) at nearly 45% off retail.

How can that be???

I’m in the 20% bracket in the Essential Rewards program – take that 20% and add it to the 24% wholesale discount and you’ve got 44% off retail pricing!

If you’re currently using, or thinking of using, a cheaper essential oil; I can assure you that you ARE spending a small fortune on junk. Oh, and I have never had to throw away a bottle of my Young Living oils because they’ve turned rancid, and I DO have a few oils that are 8 years old. Think of a high quality essential oil as a fine wine; it won’t go bad, you’ll never have to throw it away, and like fine wines some essential oils even get better with age.

Essential Rewards: what is it, and why you want to be interested

The largest plus to you is that it will save you a lot of money in the long-term. Essential Rewards a free program created that gives you rewards points every month that you can redeem for FREE product!

Essential Rewards is 100% optional for everyone except for those who are distributors, distributors must be on (100PV monthly/approx. $100) Essential Rewards to get a commission check.

How you earn reward points…

Months on Essential Rewards, Points Earned:

  • Months 1–6 you get 10% in points
  • Months 7–12 you get 15% in points
  • Months 13+ you get 20% in points

The minimum monthly order on Essential Rewards is 50 PV, about $50 wholesale, plus tax and shipping.

I’ve been on Essential Rewards for over 6 years now, which means I’m in the 20% bracket. I choose to redeem my reward points 4 times a year, you can redeem yours more or less frequently.

This means that I get about $600 worth of free product a year – that adds up to a savings of about 45% off the retail prices. Because I am a distributor, my monthly orders are between $110 – $130 a month – I get 20% of that in rewards points every month.

While you’re in the 10% bracket, I admit that it doesn’t really ‘feel’ like you’re gaining a lot… but wait until you’re in the 15% and 20% bracket… Wow, you can feel the savings!

The thing I like most about the Essential Rewards is that I am getting high quality unadulterated essential oils and products for about the same cost people spend to buy the cheap brands in the store! I am getting a lot for my money by using Young Living oils and products. What is equally important is what I’m ‘not’ getting, I do not have a household or medicine cabinet filled with chemicals and that means a lot to me.

One perfect example is the conditioner, I have very long hair and I only have to buy 2 bottles of Young Living conditioner a year! That means it costs me less than $15 a year for my conditioner – how much do you spend on your conditioner a year?

Since 1998 I haven’t switched shampoo or conditioner brands once, not even once! Previously I had to switch brands of shampoo once a month! The YL shampoo’s and conditioner’s do not leave build-up on your hair, ever! On top of that, they don’t contain any chemicals that are hazardous to my health and the environment.

The point I’m trying to make is that there are so many smart and empowered things we all can be doing, they’re easy, they make us feel good, they’re good for the environment, and they save us a ton of money over time… particularly in regards to health care costs. I owe my good health to the things I have completely eliminated from my life and household and at the age of 56 I am delighted to say I am not and have never been on any kind of medications whatsoever since I last took what would be my last antibiotic when I was in my early 20′s. It’s never too late to clean up your life and make a difference in the quality of your life.

When you’re initially making the switch over can feel a little expensive at first, my advice is… try to see past that and just know that after you get switched over and have your nontoxic household in place, particularly if you’re on Essential Rewards, you will most certainly feel the savings every single month. You will also spend less time shopping and driving because the oils and products can be used in dozens of ways.

A good example is Peppermint essential oil, one day I counted 26 different ways that I use Peppermint, one bottle of essential oil can replace dozens of other products that are commonly used (here’s how we used it to get rid of a squirrel). The same is true with Lavender oil, here are 32 Uses for Lavender Oil. Or, 34 Ways to Use lemon Oil.

If you’re looking to make the switch to go truly natural, save your health and a lot of money – I can show you how. Contact me if you have questions.

In Conclusion: How much does it cost to join Young Living?

  1. Nothing if you want to be a retail customer.
  2. The least amount to become a wholesale customer is $40… however, I will tell you that you get very little product (a 5ml bottle of Peppermint and 5ml Lavender and a couple NingXia Red take-alongs) in the $40 kit – that’s really not a good bargain. I believe the Start Living with Everyday Oils and the Start Living with Thieves kits are the best kits to begin your journey, plus… the $40 kit is included with them and you will get the mail-in $40 off a diffuser coupon!

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