Blisters, Should You Pop Them or Leave Them Alone?

Blisters, should you pop them or leave them alone?

In caring for your blisters, you may opt to wait out the healing process or drain them. If it can be avoided, it is best to let the blisters heal on their own, since popping them will result in an open wound and thus increase the chances of an infection. If you choose not to puncture your blister, cover it with soft gauze bandage in order to protect it. If the blister accidentally bursts, wash it with soapy water.  Lavender Foaming Hand Soap, is gentle to the skin and easier to use on the blister then a bar soap.  Next apply a drop of Young Living therapeutic grade Lavender oil, and put a bandage over the blister.

If your blister is big and painful, you may drain the fluid but make sure you leave the loose skin intact since this will serve as the raw skin’s protection. Here are the steps in draining blisters:

  1. Wash the blister using soapy water, or alcohol. (I prefer Young Living Lavender Foaming Soap)
  2. Disinfect a needle by holding it above a flame until its tip is red hot. Immerse it in alcohol after.
  3. Using the sterilized needle, make a tiny hole in the blister. Drain the fluid gently.
  4. Apply a drop of Lavender and then a drop of Young Living essential oil blend of Thieves onto the blister.
  5. Cover the wound with a non-adhesive bandage and replace it daily or as needed.

Blisters are commonly found on the hands and the feet, but they may also manifest on the other parts of your body, depending on the cause. Some of the causes of blisters include friction, chemical irritation, medical conditions like:

  • Eczema
  • Herpes
  • Shingles
  • Chicken
  • Dermatitis

If you have any of these conditions you should seek medical advice.

It is very important to keep a good eye on any blister to be sure that it is healing.  If it does not seem to be healing quickly, you would be best to seek medical help.

To be better prepared, have on hand Young Living Lavender oil and the blend of Thieves.

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Both of these oils come in handy for many other purposes.  If you are interested to learn the many options that Lavender and Thieves may help with, besides blisters, please feel free to contact me.

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