Pregnancy and Kids-Our Children and Chemical Pollution

Article contributed by Shayla.

Most mother’s-to-be take great pains and extra effort to care for themselves while expecting for the sake of their little unborn babies. When the baby comes, the care shifts to the new, small and fragile life. Even though exhausted, sleep is sometimes lost even though the baby rests because mama frequently gets up just to check on the baby “to make sure they are okay”, because the thought of something happening or harming the precious new life is horrifying. As the child begins to crawl, unsafe cleaning agents are put up and out of reach along with other things that could pose a risk to the child. All of this effort, and yet a silent, and serious threat still slips in  without detection. According to the Environmental Working Group (see video here),  babies are pre-born with up to 300 industrial chemicals in their systems. These pollutants are associated with serious problems from childhood cancer, to autism, ADHD, learning deficits, infertility, and birth defects. When you realize that 455 chemical pollutants have been found in grown ups, it makes more sense as to how so many can pass through to unborn babies. The following quote is from the EWG website;

“The nation’s toxic chemical regulatory law, the Toxic Substances Control Act, is in drastic need of reform. Passed in 1976 and never amended since, TSCA is widely regarded as the weakest of all major environmental laws on the books today.

When passed, the Act declared safe some 62,000 chemicals already on the market, even though there were little or no data to support this policy. Since that time another 20,000 chemicals have been put into commerce in the United States, also with little or no data to support their safety.

Testing by Environmental Working Group has identified 455 chemicals in people, and again, no one has any idea if these exposures are safe.”

So what is a parent to do?

There are things that can be done, on a larger scale click here to take action and fight chemical pollution. On a personal level there are many things one can do to take care of them self prior to conceiving and some of these things can be carried through the pregnancy and beyond. And there are things people who already have children can be doing too!

We will start with prior to conceiving. According to health authorities like Dr. Christopher and many others, one of the most important things one can do prior to conceiving is detoxing the body, also known as internal cleansing. According to an article at World Villiage, detoxing the body may even benefit those having trouble conceiving. A great article at www.detoxyour emphasizes cleansing/detoxing six months prior to conceiving. They suggest that women already nursing babies use  supplements that will bring oxygen into to body. Young Living supplements containing essential oils may be beneficial for this as therapeutic grade essential oils do have the ability to oxygenate the body, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells.

There are many cleanses out, and many ways to cleanse. One of my teachers, Dr. Richard Schulze, taught about how bentonite clay alone pulls 300 toxins from the body! According to this article by which is addressing this very subject of chemicals in toddlers and adults body’s, bentonite clay has the ability to safely remove toxins from the body when used internally and externally.

Charcoal is another supplement people have used to pull toxins from their body. According to charcoal has the ability to:

  • “Absorb many times its own weight to quickly bind to toxins and prevent them from spreading throughout the body.”
  • “Works like a sponge to absorb, then expel, organic toxins from your digestive system-helps you feel better.”
  • “Ancient “folk” remedy used by many doctors today to “pull” toxic organisms from the body.”
  • “May also be used to help detoxify heavy metals from your digestive tract.”

The Essential Oils Desk Reference teaches a method most close to what I like to do, and it is done by using a combination of water/juice fasting, herbs, enzymes and essential oils, and professional quality products, and of course you can incorporate your charcoal and clay in with these. You can learn more about internal cleansing/detoxes by visiting the links at the bottom of this article.

Another thing one can do to minimize exposure to chemicals is of course the obvious; get rid of chemicals in your house! Chemical cleaners, chemical bath and body products, laundry detergents, air fresheners and sprays, all of these are so bad for you and it makes no sense to use them with all of the eco-friendly, natural products there are to choose from on the markets nowadays. Strive to make your home more environmentally friendly, and create a eco-friendly lifestyle. Be sure the alternative products you purchase truly are chemical free though, because so many on the markets say they are natural when in fact they do contain chemicals that you don’t want around. I personally like to use, baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, and Thieves Household Cleaner. This cleaner is a concentrate so a little goes a long ways. I have achieved sparkling clean floors before with just a gallon of warm water and a drop of Purification essential oil (which is a natural disinfectant)!

Therapeutic grade essential oils are not only safe, natural, and come from plants, but they have health benefits as well, and many of them have antiseptic properties (great for cleaning). I do not recommend any other oils accept for Therapeutic grade because therapeutic oils are tested for potency (effectiveness) and purity, and others are often contaminated with  synthetic ingredients and chemicals (learn more about this in my article Aromatherapy Labeling Fraud).

Another area not to be overlooked is bed mattresses, no joke! Mattresses are soaked in chemicals, many of which are cancer causing and have been banned in Europe and other countries. They are still used in America though, and these chemicals have been found in newborn babies blood cords, as they do cross the placenta and they get into breast milk as well! Visit and click on the “Articles and Links” tab to learn more.

It is so important to eat organic food, but it is equally important to make sure it is grown in the U.S.A. Many pesticides that are illegal in America are legal in other countries, like DDT. DDT was banned years ago, yet it is still found in people! Also, organic foods that are legal in other countries are still subjected to chemical sprays when they cross the border. My suggestion is to find a local organic grower, the food will be less expensive and fresher. The fresher the food the more nutrients it has anyways! Of course there is always the option of growing one’s own too! This can be the cheapest way of all to go and this way you know what is going into your food.

Organic baby food is especially important, because according to an ever increasing flood of research, experts are learning that babies and children are more vulnerable to pesticide residue damage than  adults. One of the reasons is because their immune, hormonal (endocrine) and nervous systems are still forming and prone to impairment (perhaps irreversibly in some), plus little ones have a restricted ability to detoxify these harmful substances. In addition, children generally have a higher intake of water and food per unit of body weight compared to adults. To top it off, detectable amounts of pesticide residues are found in regular baby food, and since baby food is often made up of condensed fruits and vegetables this means condensed pesticide residues too. This is important when it comes to baby formula’s too. The following quote comes from an article addressing chemicals in toddlers and is found in full at

“The CDC announced that traces of a chemical used in rocket fuel were found in samples of powdered baby formula, and could exceed what`s considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with water also contaminated with the ingredient. The study by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked for the chemical, perchlorate, in different brands of powdered baby formula. The chemical has turned up in several cities` drinking water supplies. (…)”

In addition to eliminating sources of chemical pollution in our lives, additional help may be found in creating a lifestyle of cleansing and nourishing the body. Plenty of researchers and health practitioners assure that by implementing this concept one is giving their body a fighting chance against the hosts of pollutants in the world as it is. There are even things children can safely be put on. Fasting is not recommended for children, but as a general rule, health authorities teach that children can take smaller dosages of many of the same supplement products adults would take. Dr. Christopher taught that children can take the same herbs you take to nourish and cleanse, just judge their body size and weight accordingly. I know one Doctor who told his adult children, “If you do nothing else for my grandbabies health, keep them of flaxseed oil”! Flaxseed oil is very nutritious, and gently cleanses the body as well as being beneficial for brain function.

There are wonderful and safe, professional quality products for adults and children available from Young Living. Some of our family’s favorites nourishing supplements that we see the most results from are;

  • Probiotics to supply the intestines with healthy bacteria (for example, Life 5)
  • NingXia Red, an antioxidant source. Antioxidants fight damage done by petrochemicals.  NingXia Red also provides liver support-see my article below on The Liver, Your Body’s Shield.
  • Balance Complete with ingredients that absorb toxins.
  • Enzymes for enhancing digestions and to optimize foods nutrition (like Detoxyzyme for adults and Kidscents Mightyzyme for children),
  • Essential fatty acids, like Flax seed oil (not a Young Living product, but available through many health food stores) and Omega Blue;
  • Colon cleanse/support formula, such as ComforTone.  Toxins build up in the body if there is a condition/tendency towards constipation.

Select a Young Living Circle Distributor to Order

These are just some of the products that may be helpful to you’re family too in building good health and helping the body cope with pollutants. The pregnancy-mom-people-babybest part is with the exception of Detoxyzyme, these 6 products can (and would be very supportive done) during pregnancy. For additional information on helping the body cope with pollutants, visit my article on Petrochemicals, Free Radicals, and Essential Oils.

You may want to find and consult with a good N.D. (naturopathic doctor) that specializes in family practice for further cleansing with children. For more detailed information on cleansing and nourishing, you can visit the links provided below.

Core Nutrition
The Importance of a Body Detox
The Liver; your Body’s Shield

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  1. Roxanne
    November 14, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    Great info! I wish I would have read something like this while I was pregnant or, better yet, when I was in high school, right before I went out on my own and started making decisions for myself such as what foods to eat and which products to buy. I exposed myself so needlessly to so many harmful chemicals simply because I never questioned things. Keep spreading the truth!!

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