Omega 3 Fish Oil Rival Antidepressants in Study

How many readers here would prefer to prevent depression and the use of antidepressant drugs if they knew  how? There are so many all-natural things we can do that to list them all here would make this an incrediblity long article. So for the time being I’ll cover just a few and a study on omega 3 fish oil, that can easily be incorporated into a healthier lifestyle.

Down in the dumps… practicing these 4 easy steps will make a huge difference…

  1. Get out into the sunshine without sunscreen or sunblock. Do so mindfully, starting out with exposure of 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and slowly build up from there. The natural vitamin D that is FREE from the sun boasts benefits, not fears, one such benefit is prevention of cancer and other common diseases. The vitamin D we get from sun exposure is different than a vitamin D supplement.
  2. Start an organic garden. Aside from sun exposure it has also been shown that having an organic garden is extremely healthy for the body and mind. As a former organic Landscape Designer I can tell you that a garden need not be complicated or expensive, nor does it require any items or products other than seeds, plants, rake, shovel, and a good air a garden clippers. As I write more articles on gardening smart I’ll add links here.
  3. Eat Locally grown produce! This alone is an awesome experience. You’re eating more seasonal foods, fresh foods, and you meet local farmers and make new friends in your community.  omega-blue-supplement-fish-oil
  4. Add Omega 3s to your diet. In the form of a high quality Omega 3 supplement, like Young Living’s Omega Blue, and in the form of healthier types of fresh fish (not those frozen battered and boxed things, those are low quality and don’t have much in the way of nutrition). Fresh fish will NOT have a fishy odor and will not stink up your house when you cook it; if that’s been your experience then you know the fish you’ve been buying is old and on it’s way to going bad. This is where I’ve bought all of my fish for the past 5 years. And of course, I get my fish oil, Omega Blue, from Young Living. Omega Blue has therapeuitc-grade essential oils added which acts as a natural preservative and creates a synergistic affect, they’re very good.

Now for the study on Omega 3s and depression. This is an excellent article from my friends at Vital Choice Seafood – they have the absolute best seafood I’ve ever found, I have it shipped in to NC, that’s how good it is.  salmon-fish-cooking-food-omega3

Fish Oil Rivals Antidepressants in Clinical Trial by Craig Weatherby

Clinical findings affirm earlier indications and further justify strong omega-3 support from the American Psychiatric Association

The results of the largest-ever clinical trial found that omega-3 fish oil may significantly benefit half of all people diagnosed with depression.

Specifically, fish oil seemed to help the 50 percent of depression patients who are free from diagnosed anxiety disorders.

Fish oil appeared to help these people about as much as the leading class of antidepressant drugs … that is, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Prozac and Paxil.

Participants for the trial were people diagnosed with moderate to severe unipolar (i.e., not bipolar) major depression who were unable to tolerate antidepressants, who refused them despite a physician’s recommendation, or who were not helped by the drugs.

More than 430 patients with an episode of major depression were assigned to take either with omega-3 EPA from fish oil (1,050mg per day) for two months or an identical-looking placebo pill masked with fish odor.

Fish oil did not perform better than placebo, for the patients diagnosed with anxiety as well as depression. [Here's a study on using essential oils of orange and lavender that has shown to help anxiety].

More than 430 patients with an episode of major depression were assigned to take either with omega-3 EPA from fish oil (1,050mg per day) for two months or an identical-looking placebo pill masked with fish odor.

Omega-3 EPA from fish oil did not perform better than placebo among the patients diagnosed with anxiety as well as depression.

But among those diagnosed with major depression ─ but not anxiety ─ the patients who took omega-3 EPA had significantly better scores than the placebo group.

As lead author Francois Lesperance, M.D., told Medscape Psychiatry. “… the level of improvement we saw in this subgroup is on a par with what has typically been reported with pharmacologic treatments.” (Stein J 2009)

Findings apply to the half of all depression patients not usually studied

These findings are important because they carry implications for about one-half of all depressed patients … those who do not also display anxiety disorders.

And these people are often excluded from placebo-controlled studies of antidepressant drugs.

Dr. Lesperance made a key point: ”Many depressed patients prefer to avoid drug treatment because of the stigma associated with such therapy, not to mention potential treatment-related side effects, and thus it’s nice to be able to offer patients an alternative treatment that is similarly effective but without the risks.” (Stein J 2009)

Most population studies show links between higher levels of omega-3′s and reduced depression risk, and/or link low levels of omega-3′s ─ or an excess of omega-6′s versus omega-3′s ─ to higher levels of depression.

Besides supporting normal mood, research shows that omega-3′s ─ and higher than average omega-3/omega-6 intake ratios ─ likely benefit cardiovascular, brain, bone, and metabolic health.


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