Essential Oils Can Help with Acne

Acne can result from an excess accumulation of dirt and sebum (oil produced by the hair follicle) in the follicles and pores of the skin. As the pores and hair follicles become congested, bacteria begins to feed on the sebum. This leads to inflammation and infection and the formation of a pimple or a blackhead around the hair follicle.

One of the most common forms of acne, Acne vulgaris, occurs primarily in adolescents due to hormone imbalances which stimulate the creation of sebum. Acne in adults can be also be caused by hormone balances, as well as the use of chlorinated compounds, endocrine system imbalances, or poor dietary practices. Heavy or greasy makeup can also contribute to acne.

Stress may also play a role. According to research conducted by Dr. Toyoda in Japan, acne and other skin problems are a direct physical result of emotional stress.1  skin-care

Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils are outstanding for treating acne because of their ability to dissolve sebum, kill bacteria, and preserve the acid mantle of the skin. All of the products listed are extremely concentrated and potent – a tiny dab goes a very long way, making this a very cost efficient method for beautifying skin. The A•R•T skin care line is excellent for wrinkles too.

Young Living Product Recommendations for Treating Acne

Essential Beauty Serum for Acne-prone Skin (fact sheet) – soothes blemished skin, discourages future breakouts.

ART Foaming Cleanser (fact sheet) – cleanses skin without irritation or dryness and contains no harsh astringents. Lifts oils and makeup, leaving skin feeling clean, hydrated and soft.

ART Toner (A•R•T Skin Care Booklet) – contains frankincense and sandalwood known for their ability to revitalize, smooth and soften  skin. Enhances pH balance, reduces pore size, and firms.

Mint Satin Facial Scrub – a gentle exfoliator designed to clarify skin and reduce acne. Mix with a little Orange Blossom Facial Wash for severe acne.

Using Mint Facial Scrub to unclog pores: spread scrub over face and let dry for about 5 minutes to help draw out impurities and toning. Put a hot towel over face for greater penetration. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Orange Blossom Facial Wash – cleanses and exfoliates skin. Also contains MSM, which is known for rejuvenating cells.

Morning Start Bath and Shower Gel: can help clear acne on the body, balance oily skin conditions. Lemongrass is the predominant essential oil in this bath/shower gel, which can help balance skin pH, decongest the lymphatics and stimulate circulation.

Young Living Single Essential Oils: geranium, tea tree, vetiver, lavender, chamomile, rosewood, cedarwood.

Young Living Essential Oil Bends: Melrose, Purification.

Methods of Application for the Essential Oils

Dilute one part essential oil with one part Young Living’s V-6. Gently massage 3-5 drops of the mixture onto oily areas 1-3 times daily. Alternate essential oils for maximum effect. Note: a very small amount of essential oils and V-6 goes a very long way, use by the drop, rather than glob.

Young Living Dietary Supplements to Help Restore Balance and Skin Health

Mineral Essence, MultiGreens, Essentialzyme, Wolfberries, Omega Blue softgels, Balance Complete.

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Acne Testimonials

Cystic Acne

“Growing up, I was always the child with the worst acne in my family. When I reached my 20′s, I thought my acne would improve but it only got worse! I was finally diagnosed with cystic acne, an extreme case of painful acne that causes scarring on the face. Since using A·R·T, I have had fewer breakouts, my scars have improved, and someone even accused me of being 9 years younger than my actual age! When one of my friends mentioned my “beautiful skin,” it did wonders for my self esteem. This product is phenomenal.” ~ Susie B.

Teenage Acne Problem

“My son, Dylan, is 15 years old and has had a difficult time in clearing up his acne. Being that he lives with me part-time I didn’t have a thorough picture of his daily habits. I was scrolling through the skin care section for myself, looking at the line of Beauty Serums offered by Young Living. I began reading the descriptions for each of the different serums.

For that month’s Essential Rewards autoship I decided to order the ART Skin Care System, the Beauty Serum for acne prone skin, and the Mint Satin Facial Scrub. I told him I had ordered some products from Young Living for his skin and that he might want to wait before buying something from the mall. He agreed. Dylan is familiar with the Young Living line because I have been using the products personally and in my professional cleaning company for nearly 5 years now. He has sniffed practically every oil I have.

The day the order arrived Dylan would be staying with me for the next four days. I handed him the box and told him that the entire package was for him.
He is quite aware that Young Living products are different than products in  stores and knew that this was a special package.

He was, however, a little hesitant at first because it was something he would have to do every single day……. wash his face!  Do you know how difficult it is to get a boy to commit to washing his face everyday …. with soap and water! Twice a Day!

The nice thing about the ART System is that it is not “soap”.  For myself, I have found it to be the most gentle, yet cleansing, foaming facial wash.

Dylan was worried that it would sting his eyes. I told him that it never bothered my eyes before and that I’ve been using it for years. He was going on faith here! Totally trusting his mom!

Before giving it a chance he tried to complain and wiggle himself out of the face washing commitment, but I said to him, “Dylan, just try it for one week. Be diligent and wash once in the morning, and again in the evening.  If after one week of your being totally true to this regime you find that it has not improved your skin then just stop! No questions asked and then you may buy whatever acne products out there you want.” Yikes! The sheer thought of that.

He accepted the mission!

We started the regime before he went to bed on that evening. I coached him at the bathroom sink and numbered the bottles 1, 2, 3AM and 3PM.

Beginning with number 1 was ART Foaming Facial Cleaner.

Number 2 was ART Toner.

Number 3AM was the ART Daytime Lotion.

Number 3PM was the ART Night time Lotion.

I found numbering the bottles in the order of usage made it easier for him to follow. Teenagers thrive on simplicity!

In the evening he washed and toned, same as in the morning. However, the only difference was the one drop of  Beauty Serum for Acne into 2 small squirts of ART Night time Lotion in the palm of his hand and applying it to the affected area. Don’t forget, as with many of the Young Living products, a little dab goes a long way.

During that week he did use the Mint Satin Facial Scrub twice prior to washing as mentioned above.

When he awoke the first morning after using the products just once (aforementioned, having added the one drop of serum to the lotion), we noticed a slight difference in the acne on his forehead. He went right into the bathroom to wash his face again using the morning sequence of numbers.

As the days passed we were becoming more and more excited and watched his acne clearing up. It seemed the more he washed and applied the ART products and the Beauty Serum, the more his acne cleared.

Each day from there on we observed his skin becoming more clear and the acne disappearing. He was so thrilled because his skin had not looked this good in about a year.

Today my Dylan continues to cleanse with the ART System, adds the acne Beauty Serum in the evening, and occasionally uses the Mint Satin Facial Scrub to gently exfoliate.

Dylan and I would recommend this product to you before purchasing an over the counter acne cream and other facial cleansers. Try washing with the ART System for just one week to see what a difference it makes!” ~ Thea V.

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Essential Oils and Skin Care

1. Toyoda M., Morohashi M. “Pathenogenesis of acne,” Med Electron Microse 2001 Mar;34(1):29-40.

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