Carpal Tunnel, Surgery or Not

I’m pretty sure most people would opt for trying to get healing results from various therapies rather than “going under the knife” and having surgery.  Not to say that surgery is all bad, because it definitely has good results in many, many cases.  What I am talking about is when people want to try to go the “non knife” or other words, natural healing modalities.  I have friends and family that have had carpal tunnel surgery and wish they would have tried alternative, integrated medicine therapies first.

There are so many alternative therapies available;  Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Essential Oils.  There are many ways of alternative therapies if one is open to giving them a try. My thoughts are, if you have carpal tunnel, why not try alternatives, before surgery.

One of my friends has been dealing with carpal tunnel for sometime now and I asked him if he would like to try Young Living Therapeutic GradeTM (YLTG) for therapy and a few supplements to see if he could get relief.  He was ready to try it out.

I first suggested applying to his wrists Idaho Balsam Fir or Deep Relief Roll On for the pain he was experiencing.  Then I shared with him a carpal tunnel essential oil recipe which is:

  1. 5 drops of wintergreen – for bone
  2. 3 drops of cypress – for circulation
  3. 1 drop of peppermint – for inflammation
  4. 2 drops of marjoram – for muscle
  5. 3 drops of lemongrass – for ligaments (or Helichrysum)

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I also suggested starting two supplements to help with bone, ligament, muscle and cellular support;

  1. BLM – bone, ligament & muscle support
  2. Sulfurzyme

As soon as his order came in, he began with the Idaho Balsam Fir and Deep Relief Roll On.  He called me and was happy to report that the ache was less intense.  He also has been applying the “carpal tunnel recipe” in the evenings.  It has been a short while since beginning his essential oil application and supplements, and I am looking forward to hearing from him in a few weeks and having him share with me if he is experiencing any changes.

I will keep you updated as to how he is progressing and hopefully the results will be positive and he will be able to prolong, or not to have at all surgery for his carpal tunnel aches and pains.  I sure do hope that the results are favorable and I feel optimistic that they will be. Optimism is a good thing and it sure doesn’t hurt to be optimistic rather than pessimistic.  Makes for a better feeling, if I do say so.

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