Eczema, Psoriasis, Lavender and Stress

Lavender essential oilMany times throughout our lives we have stress, and stress can cause health and emotional problems.  What we do to reduce stress in our lives may make such a tremendous difference with our health and well-being.   One area that stress shows up is on our skin.  We can get rashes, eczema, psoriasis, or even bumps to name a few.  Any of these can be very irritating, both physically and mentally. Of course diet and exercise is a huge help to relieve stress.  But have you ever thought of trying pure therapeutic Lavender oil?

A dear friend’s husband had an area of psoriasis on his face.  He had tried many pharmaceutical ointments and products and nothing helped.  He finally asked his wife if Young Living had an essential oil that could possibly help.  She had just purchased some Young Living Lavender oil and told him to give it a try. So he started faithfully applying the Lavender topically on the psoriasis. He also listened to her when she suggested rubbing Lavender onto the bottoms of his feet and breathing in the aroma.

He was pleasantly surprised that after just under a week his skin was beginning to clear up and in less than two week’s time, people at work were saying to him that his skin looked great and they wanted to know what he did.  His reply was; Oh my wife gave me some kind of oil.  Men are funny about some things.  I guess he did not want to say that he was putting a pretty smelling thing like Lavender on his face and feet…. Go figure.

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The other day a neighbor heard Dr. Oz, on Oprah and he said; Instead of saying alternative medicine, what people are beginning to say is Complimentary medicine. OK then, if that helps people to be more open to explore other lifestyle ways to better health and well-being, I’m all for it!!  My friend’s husband likes his complimentary Lavender oil and he is very happy to see when looking in the mirror that the psoriasis has diminished!!  Here’s to clear skin!!

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